Call of Duty: Devil’s Brigade once existed

TVGB: "A studio named Underground Development was at one time working on a Call of Duty game subtitled Devil’s Brigade, it’s been discovered."

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Elven62843d ago

Looks interesting, Underground Developments/Z-Axis made some great games back in the day, shame they were shut down.

moho-foe2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

I got a name for you "Call of Duty: we want your money"

Convas2843d ago

There has never, EVER, been a franchise more MILKED than Call of Duty. EVER.

WhatARump2843d ago

Call of duty isn't THAT milked especially compared to the pokemon and guitar hero games...

Same game, different color. Same game, new songs.
Atleast Call of Duty games were extremely different and offered a unique experience.

duplissi2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

well i wouldnt really call them extremely different... aside from atmosphere/era and weapons there really isnt much difference between them, so how is that any different than changing the color or different songs?

oh and ive played both of the ps2/original xbox cods, cod 2,3,4,5,6, and i recently purchased classic- so essentially ive played them all.

-Alpha2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

I really don't find anything terribly bad with milking. The problem is keeping up with the quality while improving on the game at a reasonable rate and that is something Call of Duty has struggled with after MW1.

The games just don't live up to the name anymore and Activision's philosophy has drove it to the ground. It's a shame.

WhatARump actually has a very good point. Pokemon is by far really milked but people have no problem with it. What's the point of Pokemon Silver when you have Pokemon Gold? It's such a total rip off. THAT is true milking right there.

Nonetheless Activision has ruined the quality of the series. It's just awfully paced with no sign of stopping and worst of all for me it massively under-delivered with no intent to fix it. MW2's biggest fault was never that it was milked. It was actually a very different game. WaW was the true milked game, a total copy and paste of MW1. The problem was it was built with no consideration for quality. Balancing is by far my biggest issue and nobody gives a crap to fix it.

the-show-stopper2843d ago

i read alot on the devils brigade and even the book on the devils brigade
it would have been interesting to play a game about the famous Devils brigade

graemed20052843d ago

lol you really like writing Devils Brigade

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