Activision Ties Up CoD 'Future Warfare' Domains

Some rather interesting domain names have been registered by Activision.

Variations on 'Call of Duty Future Warfare' one through three, 'Advanced Warfare' two and three and 'Secret Warfare' two and three have all been tied up by the behemoth publisher.

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B-Real2062844d ago

that's gonna be one dry titty.

darkmurder2844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

I heard they also registered Call of Duty: Milking Warfare.

What's dumb about those registered trademarks is that future warfare isn't even gonna be fought by humans mostly it'll just be drones.

RedDead2844d ago

And in the future there's still no vehicles to drive

the-show-stopper2844d ago

thats right
vehicles are just there so u can blow em up
whoever thought of the idea to make vehicles drivable is stupid /s

ExgamerLegends22844d ago

One can only hope these are variations for portable consoles and not just for pc/ps3/360

woolley2844d ago

They don't have to be for future games they could just be tring to keep them from other people like Respawn.

ThisPlaceSucksBye2844d ago

What a bunch of assclowns. This is hilarious.

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The story is too old to be commented.