Portal on Mac downloaded “millions” of times

TVGB: "Steam for Mac launched yesterday, maybe you heard. And it’s done well; out of the 50+ launch titles, one very particular game — Portal — saw quite a few downloads. “Millions” even, Valve says."

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LumpsRGood2991d ago

Wonder how many of those have never played the game and will be glued to their Macs for days now.

Legosz2991d ago

The game is amazing but short. It left me wanting more, and now that I think of Portal 2 and hear it is a full fledged game, I foam at the mouth.

woolley2991d ago

I got it and played for the first time.It only took me 2 hours to beat but I want to play it more and want to see more of Portal 2.

wohoo2991d ago

It was rather short, wasn't it. I got it as a part of TOR though, so it felt just the right size to me. Didn't feel the need for more even. Portal 2 looks bloody appetizing though.

Tempist2991d ago

I bet really what happened was about 9000 Mac users downloaded the game over and over since they thought it was broken or had to get it again when they died.

Good to hear some of them are finally getting out of the first room.

Dont Panic2991d ago

Took me all night before the servers slowed down enough to download it.

Akagi2991d ago

Jesus, they must have been hard up.


-MD-2991d ago

I spent all day trying to download it. Finally it started downloading like well past dinner time.

AliTheBrit192991d ago

Well being free its not surprising

The very polished, shiny feel of Portal fits very well with a Mac I think :)

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The story is too old to be commented.