G4TV: Dead Space 2 First Impressions

If G4TV told you that Dead Space 2 doesn’t reinvent the wheel, and is a lot like the original Dead Space when it comes down to it, would you really be all that disappointed? The critically-acclaimed 2008 title fostered a near cult-like following among those who played it and were instantly addicted to the deep space setting, and survival/horror type gameplay. So saying that Dead Space 2 looks like more of that good stuff with a new setting, new weapons, and new aliens should be good news for fans of the burgeoning series.

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jack_burt0n2928d ago

"and is a lot like the original Dead Space"


Sarevok2928d ago

I would not trust g4 all that much, if I were you.
They go too easy on games.

Lightel0s2928d ago

if Dead space 2 its much like the first with new twists, weapons and necros everyone will be happy enough and im buying it on day 1