GamingForte: Halo 2 is Officially Dead

The last man standing has thrown in the towel. The last remaining participant of Halo 2 online has officially signed off, and the dream is over. Microsoft ended Halo 2 support on Xbox Live on April 15th, 2010, but a select few gamers who couldn’t give it up have remained signed into the service and forced the company to kick them.

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knightdarkbox2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

sad... :/

best fps of era of play 2 vs xbox IMO.

rest in peace halo 2.

*back for play splinter cell conviction*

xDaRkModEx2960d ago

and it's unofficial alive on xbox connect or x link kai.


Halo 2 is officially dead in Xbox.

But not for PC, still like new in the Multiplayer.

champ212960d ago

They should rename the title make it "Halo 2 dead on the Xbox".

Thats the cool part about PC gaming, a company doesnt hold you by the strings. Support for a game doesnt end when they say so.

I got so many old games i am currently playing on the PC:

CS1.6 (2000)
Warcraft 3 (2003)

Old games i replayed in the last few months:

Dungeon keeper 2 (2000)
half life 2 (2004)
far cry (2004)
Giants (1999)

The list goes on.

Pandamobile2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

Still alive on PC. (by a thread)

kaveti66162960d ago

On PC Halo 2 is not an impressive title. It's only on consoles where Halo games reign supreme.


Halo, Halo Custom Edition and Halo 2, the 3 games for PC still have a lot of activity.

champ212960d ago

it wasnt impressive on PC, becuase there were so many other better fps out on the PC and online was something the PC had been doing for the last 2 decades.

Since halo2 was the first online fps on the consoles sure it generated alot of hype.

PC gamers always are a decade ahead of console gamers so sure it was nothing new for them.

Mr Exclusive2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

thats what happens when you alienate over 40% of Win XP users and Make it a Vista/Win 7 exclusive.

Convas2960d ago

Fair well to a truely fantastic multiplayer experience. You will be severely missed.

knight6262960d ago

sorry for saying this but how many times does this article or similar articles need to be submitted for some old news? i dont really care that it got shut down...

electricshadow2960d ago

YOU might not care, other people do though. I'm one of them that do care that this game and Xbox Live 1.0 got shut down. Regardless of your favourite platform, Halo 2 was an amazing game and it was one of the best Xbox Live games on the original console. My friends and I played well over 200 hours of split-screen multiplayer. I can't play it with them anymore because that's when we were in high school and I'm in college now. Halo 2 will always have a special place in my heart and I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels the same way.

HarryM2958d ago

You might not, but I'm sure a heck load of people do.

bjornbear2960d ago

this is the 3rd article saying Halo 2 is dead

WE GET IT, its been dead to 99% of us for the past 2 years thank you.

kaveti66162960d ago

Lol. Halo 2 was getting more play than many new games up until a few months ago.

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The story is too old to be commented.