Call of Duty: Black Ops - details overload

We told you yesterday that a big Call of Duty: Black Ops reveal was due later this month, via our UK sister magazines Official PlayStation and Official Xbox. Well details have come through a bit sooner than that, through a series of reports by USA today.

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Xulap2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

Wait, another one?
They should wait at least 1-2 years to release new entries to the franchise.

I know you want money, but.. COME ON!


Well, CoD: Modern War-Fail 2 wasn't even a finished game, so IMO, by the the time CoD: BO releases, it WILL have been 2 years since the last full CoD game. I barely played Modern Bore-Fair 2 for a month before I traded it in but I still play Nazi Zombies at least a few times per week.

Elven62991d ago

Call of Duty games are usually in development for at least two years as of late and release every year.

Shepherd 2142991d ago

Hes right. Infinity Ward made COD2 in 2005, then Treyarch made COD3 in 2006. During that time, Infinity Ward made COD4 and released it in 2007. During that time, Treyarch was making COD:WaW, which came out it 2008. Then Modern Warfare 2 was released in 2009 by Infinity Ward. There is only a one year gap between COD games, but the is a two-year development cycle for each studio that makes the COD games. Each studio has two years to make their addition, and the are released in-between each other so that COD appears to be an annual release.

Im not defending COD, and you can argue that it is a flawed business tactic, im just defending Elven6.

X-DominusRebellis-X2991d ago

We all want Zombie mode to be on this game, but I think they might hold that off on telling us for a while...

C L O U D2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

Pretty cool, CoD:BO

ian722990d ago

Exactly what I was thinking. COD:BO, what a name.

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl2991d ago

[email protected] was really good, I've been waiting to see Treyarchs latest, and tell you truth... all of the stuff mentioned in this article beat MW2's "feature" list.

PS. In before "nerf cross bow" cry babies.

dgroundwater2991d ago

I know that hating CoD is the cool thing to do, but this campaign sounds very promising. I'm with Shank - this will be a much more interesting game than MW2

the-show-stopper2991d ago

hopefully they provide a good single player experience like in [email protected]
im interested in this unconventional weaponry also

execution172991d ago

i hope they get rid of the getting grenade spammed like crazy by the enemy

BattleAxe2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

Personally I've liked all of the CoD games this gen. Even though MW2s single player campaign wasn't as good as CoD4, its nice to see them support the game as much as they are with 2 map packs within 3 months of one another.

Lets not forget about where the hate for MW2 originally came from......PC gamers complaining like babies about no dedicated servers.

Trey_4_life2991d ago

You know what i don't really read the 'official' gaming magazines due to the obligations they have towards their chosen console.

And here's hoping that this call of duty doesn't feature 20 meter knifing abilities, care packages, thousands of glitches, noob tube spamming, guns with no recoil.

Oh one more thing make sure you include zombies :p

jeseth2990d ago

Things to get rid of:

Commando = BS

Heartbeat Sensor and Thermal Scope (probably won't be in the game because of the time in which the game takes lace) = Things you put on a gun because you have no talent.

Double Shotguns = I'd love to know the human that can accurately shoot 2 shotguns multiple times while sprinting, double shotguns are rediculous.

Easy on the Grenade Launchers! Sometime people are running around using a GL like its going out of style.

Tone Down the "Killstreak Rewards".

nightfallinicedearth2990d ago

"Double Shotguns = I'd love to know the human that can accurately shoot 2 shotguns multiple times while sprinting, double shotguns are rediculous."

Relax, it's just a game.

the-show-stopper2991d ago

more like a couple things ppl already knew and one thing they didnt

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