How to Fix what's Wrong with PC Gaming

In many ways, the PC is the most important gaming platform on the planet. It’s the platform almost everybody has in their home. It defines videogames by pushing the technology forward more rapidly than consoles. Yet it’s also riddled with hurdles that get in the way of its greatness.

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mrv3212929d ago

1. stop making these articles.

Letros2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

I think the article was supposed to say, "How to effectively Kill PC Gaming"

The one thing that would drastically help PC gaming he mentioned nothing of, would have been, "Nvidia/AMD/Intel should be investing in PC game development."

There is nothing really wrong with PC gaming, it's a platform many prefer to consoles because the freedom, and customization, it may not be as popular as console gaming(mainly for the younger generation), but increasing software and hardware revenue's suggest its thriving, until then non of what the author mentioned is a real good idea.

darkmurder2929d ago

Is this article retarded? Most of those help out game devs by producing patches when something F's up with the cards and Nvidia implement PhysX....

Such a noob article.

bart9992929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

I'm a bit of a nub when it comes to PC gaming but frankly the suggestion about making PC hardware standards compulsory,alone, made this a decent read for me. Maybe it's not a piece geared towards those already pretty PC affluent?

Having a stronger presence at E3 didn't exactly strike me as crazytalk either, nor did the suggestion about making games more challenging because gamers aren't idiots.

Nathan Drake22929d ago

wii-71 million
x360-40 million
ps3-35 million
steam-25 million

pc is not dead

N4GAddict2929d ago

Didn't realize Steam was that popular.

chak_2929d ago

yet steam is a fraction of PC gamers

Ironfungus2929d ago

Step One: Listen to your PC community.
Step Two: Start making better games (kind of coincides with Step One).
Step Three: Make those games for PC, THEN port to the consoles. Never, EVER, the other way around.
Step Four: Profit.

But let's not kid ourselves.

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