OnLive's BT Partnership Destined to Fail

James Joell-Ireland from writes "In one of most shocking moves this year Cloud gaming service OnLive has decided to use BT as their exclusive platform for the service in the UK. OnLive for those whom have better things to do than read gaming news all day, is basically a service whereby people can play high definition gaming streamed straight to your PC or TV without the need for expensive hardware or state of the art graphics cards. In principle it is a stroke of genius, but in reality what Steve Pearlman has coincidentally done is made one of the stupidest fucking moves on the books"

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mortalrage2963d ago

"Now, for anyone whom maybe wondering exactly why OnLive chose BT, well it’s pretty simple, BT have the biggest line coverage in the whole of the UK. Sky have around 88% where as other companies are lagging behind"

This article is more a rant against BT. If I was Onlive, I would prolly done the same. What choice you have? Especially just starting up....Thing's can change down the line once

A: The service is a success.
B: They actually are gonna make money.
C: Affordable

Those are the concerns I would have. Getting upset with which service the company gonna go with at the beginning is kinda pety.