Deals for May 13: Xbox 360 Elite Bundle @ $325

Check out some of the latest deals of the week at Banana Republic including an Xbox 360 Splinter Cell Conviction bundle various computer hardware and more.

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Shendow2985d ago

If you already got a 360, you can buy it for 129.99 at stores and if you look hard. You can get that nice 250GB for only $65 bucks, that is the reason this is a waste and every bundle with the 250GB is a waste.

Only sell point is the 250GB an they killed it, now won't be a shock if they start making a bigger hard drive then 250GB.

HungPHAT2985d ago

Mark my words ! 360 slim will announced at E3 , bank on it

renegade2985d ago

Could be possible lets wait for e3.

godslayer4292985d ago

cant give these things away