Time Crisis 4 Screenshots (and additional info)

The classic Time Crisis is back, this time with a 4 next to it's title. Coming to PS3, the game contains the same arcade addictiveness that we all know, and a new First Person Shooter mode. The controls have been updated too, using the new G-Con 3 controller, with 6 action buttons and dual analogue sticks.

You play as Giorgio Bruno - a VSSE Agent with a mission to stop a top secret weapon from falling into the hands of international terrorists.

The new first person shooter mode includes 5 levels, other modes include Complete Mission Mode, Crisis Mode and Arcade Mode; a 2 player mode has also been included....

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neogeo4168d ago

I hope it has the same cheesy voice acting as the others! its more fun that way:)

timmyp534168d ago

when they jump off an exploding tanker into water. yep.. classic