Gametrailers and Spike TV team up with Microsoft at E3 2010

While we’re sure every gamer in the galaxy would love to be on-hand for this year’s E3, the simple fact is that the vast majority will miss out on being there for the big event. Thankfully, Microsoft and MTV Networks have announced that at least those of you tracking the “Big M” won’t miss a beat as a first-of-its kind programming partnership between the two iconic brands will deliver coverage of all things Microsoft E3 2010 to the gaming masses.

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playstation_clan2868d ago

and microsoft should stop showing-off and give us games. Instead of music bands, famous celebrities, and multi-platform games to gather a unloyal (and easily distracted) fanbase by

Alcon Caper2868d ago

MTV hasn't been for music in 25 years...

karl2868d ago

then their name doesnt fit them anymore..
im just saying

guitarded772868d ago

@ Alcon Caper... bubbles for the truth in that statement.

HolyOrangeCows2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

This isn't news. Microsoft has been paying GT's dues via Viacom for over a year.

ReBurn2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

I can't tell you the last time I saw music on MTV. At least with E3 the programming will be interesting.

karl2868d ago

MS has more singers and Hollywood stars than MTV

AlwaysGangsta2868d ago

Whatever you say PLAYSTATION_clan.

eagle212868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

Since some can't take a joke I edited my comment. Anyways, E3 needs to hurry up....

N4PS3G2868d ago

You mean MTV can't be for Movie Awards? or TV Shows? Just music right :)

Seems like someone doesn't like Microsoft getting any attention. When you want the world to see something, you put it in every single place that could attract future sales and MTV is a big network with a lot of viewers.

and since apparently you don't know much..MTV is showcasing the Project Natal Event and Gametrailers and Spike TV are showing the E3 Press conference.

P.S: What's that you said? They should show games?

E3 2009:

Exclusive Games:

Crackdown 2 - Exclusive Revealed at E3
Splinter Cell: Exclusive Revealed at E3
Shadow Complex: Exclusive Revealed at E3
Halo: ODST: Exclusive Revealed at E3
Halo: Reach: Exclusive Revealed at E3
Alan Wake: Exclusive First Look at E3
Left 4 Dead 2: Exclusive Revealed at E3
Forza Motorsport 3: Exclusive Revealed at E3
Joy Ride: Exclusive Revealed at E3

Online Services:

Last FM- Exclusive Revealed at E3
Twitter App - Exclusive Revealed at E3
Facebook App - Exclusive Revealed at E3

Multiplatform: Only 4 Games

Beatles Rock Band
Tony Hawk Ride
Modern Warfare 2
Final Fantasy XIII

You were saying? ;)

tinybigman2868d ago

no surprise so them doing this means nothing to me.

Army_of_Darkness2868d ago

mtv, spike tv and game trailers Collaboration !? damn, Microsoft is doing everything possible to take the lime light off Sony huh?!
it reminds me of those Magicians that can only pull off their magic tricks by distracting the audiance in some way... hmm..

doesn't matter though, sony got me sold on the fact that they'll be bringing several PS3 exclusive gamesss & Move!!

gaffyh2868d ago

Well they pretty much own GT and Spike TV through Viacom anyway, dunno about MTV.

IdleLeeSiuLung2868d ago

Yeah, MTV hasn't been about music for a long time. Now it is all about teen obsessions and reality TV.

With that said, dang MS is making it a several day event that I get to follow from home. I hope all of it is available on the internet live!

I hope Sony does something similar... personally I don't really care what Nintendo has to show.

zeeshan2868d ago

And THAT'S why GT/Spike are always biased. They know who pays their checks. Regardless, SONY is probably going to OWN this E3 :)

Cold 20002868d ago

Funny, I remember GT/Spike had the exclusive Resistance 2 reveal back in the day.

And didnt they have the exclusive GOW3 blowout too ? Thats like the biggest exclusive to date since MGS4 and the sales attest that too.

Weird it doesnt apply to Sony but only to MS.

MisterNiwa2868d ago

Oh, Cold... Silly cold..

You cant remember that GT faked video reviews about some multiplatform games to look worse than its counterpart?
We sure are a little big ignorant, aint we?

But I forgive you, for knowing two great PS3 exclusives.

Army_of_Darkness2868d ago

I'm sure Sony is aware that GT is owned by MS, so what better way to advertise your exclusive games then on your enemy's territory! LOL!

JokesOnYou2868d ago

Sony loyalists are full of it. GT did a huge Resistance 2 ad deal, yep and they did a whole GoW3 segment with previews, interviews with devs, but just because micro has a even bigger deal now of course this shows GT is biased what a big load of crap from the ps3 kiddies on this site. I mean its always the same thing, I remember back when LBP was plastered all over every site with 1up doing a major ad deal, and plenty other ad deals for games like MGS4 etc, then they had later they didn't give a ps3 game a 10 and just like that they became biased again. lmfao Now you got MisterNiwa, bringing up that old BS that Gametrailers fully explained, but no god help if someone makes an error and admits it, then of course people like him will use it as if it applies to every single case, how convenient, YET IF GT is so biased why did does sony continue to partner with them for big ad deals? Excuses, excuses....their just pissed because micro knows how deliver great games and advertise them.


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PshycoNinja2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

Best Press Conference "Microsoft.... cause of.... uh.... Halo.... and ... er... Gears...... and um um OH! NATAL! Ya they win cause of those things."

Best Game: "Uh...... Halo..... cause its Halo."

Taking bets. Who wants to bet that's exactly whats going to happen. GT is going to helping with the MS Press Conference so of course there going to give MS the award(s) cause they played a part in the MS hyping.

MisterNiwa2868d ago

I bet Halo wins for it's epic story and unbeatable multiplayer.

Goddamn, the Story in Halo is soooo good!

4Sh0w2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

You do know that everytime you see a ad for a exclusive game on any game site including Gametrailers that its paid for by sony, microsoft, or nintendo= because they want to generate awareness and sell more games.

How is this any different from paying sites for ads other than this of course being on a larger scale than just a few simple ads? This isn't anything new, hell you its common practice. If you go buy a Car & Driver Magazine its full of car ads, including big special features on specific car models. (Wow you mean the people buying them might be interested in a new car?) Yet its been a well respected mag for over 50yrs who reviews/rates cars etc and you'll find it full of "paid" ads, how is that possible?

Yet you don't hear an outcry calling Car & Driver bias in favor of the companies who paid for ad spots in their magazine, no because the general public understands that a professional magazine should be able to evaluate the merits of a product in an unbiased manner AND it needs to pay its bills/employee's with profits generated by many different revenue streams including advertising dollars paid for by many of the same companies who's products they critique, besides IF their reviews are deemed by the masses as unreliable due to "pay offs" they themselves are simply digging their own grave since it will become evident and kill their business model. lol can you imagine if BMW and Audi fanboys were as immature spamming Car&Driver with hate mail over their latest review?

I'm betting if this was a deal sony had made many here would be talking about how great it is that sony is so confident they are looking for more versatile ways to show off their games. I sense alot of jealousy in this thread.

Eddie201012868d ago

Is it really necessary to have Circue du Soleil showing off natal. They need to rely on flashy display's rather than the real technology. Celebrity and flashy displays do not make me interested in gaming or gaming tech, making the tech and gaming experience good interest me.

BattleAxe2868d ago

Spike TV and Gametrailers? LMAO No big surprise there.......Hello Spike Video Game Awards and "the best game fueled by dew is......HALO 3.

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DevilsJoker2868d ago

That any gaming journalism outlet should either have deals with all of the main three or none of the main three. Receiving money for special coverage of one certain brand does smack of... being compromised.

DevilsJoker2868d ago

What happened to my bubbles, did it get reset after the new site kicked in. I was rocking 7 or so before hand.

-MD-2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

Yeah everybody got reset to 3.

Edit: Wow I'm down to 2

boodybandit2868d ago

I was rocking a full boat (10 bubbles) before the reset of the site. I'm not sure but I think 3 might be the maximum now. I haven't seen any one with more than 3 so far.

The real killer2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

Me too, back than i have 6 if i not mistake and now 3.
And the bubble system don't work well.

Bodyboarder_VGamer2868d ago

that's a good thing because there were people that acted neutral until they had 7-8 bubbles to start trolling and then to shut them up, plus, their multiple accounts took so much time... This encourage people to make use of the forums too.

xabmol2868d ago

Lol, but yeah, it took me over a year of well thought out comments, good points, and stupid jokes to get my 9 bubbles. I miss 'em. :( I rarely ever commented more than twice in any particular article, but I enjoyed the option.

And those people saying that the 3 bub max is better because it protects us from trolls are wrong. Multiple accounts still exist. Besides, "Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."

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Unicron2868d ago

+ for Murder. No reason you should be at 2.

Silly gameAr2868d ago

Take one on me too Murder.

ReBurn2868d ago

Television is all about advertising and the dollars to keep the lights on. These networks aren't in it to be fair. This is just Microsoft buying a huge chunk of advertising time and aiming it at the demographic that buys the stuff they're advertising.

TOO PAWNED2868d ago


thats what i wrote over at GT, this is unproffesional, just covering and promoting one brand out of 3

Christopher2868d ago

I actually agree with you DevilsJoker, but the fact of the matter it's still going to happen because it's a business decision that nets them money.

Regardless of this, though, what we do know is that we'll be able to watch it and make our own minds about the technology shown. No matter if those who are paid to cover the show praise it all to high heaven because they have to, we'll be able to make up our own minds on what was shown.

IdleLeeSiuLung2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

Sorry, but money speaks. Sony and Nintendo are free to do a similar event if they are willing to shell out the exclusivity deals and money if any.

That is like complaining that Intel has more advertising dollars than AMD....

bviperz2868d ago

but journalism? By joining up with GT, how can you ensure unbiased coverage? You can't, and that is what mostly everyone is pointing out.

PshycoNinja2868d ago

I dont understand why people are disagreeing with you. If Sony MS or Nintendo pay any media to do coverage of their event the media cant possibly be unbias in that situation.

Journalism is about giving an objective view on what something or someone does. Not getting money from a company to do things for them. It defeats the purpose of objective journalism.

wicko2868d ago

No it isn't. It's like complaining that a journalist will be biased in their coverage. In fact, that's exactly what it is.

I rarely visit GT anymore, between their shitty ads that manage to bypass adblock every so often and the fact that Geoff Keighley is a tool was enough to put me off.

IdleLeeSiuLung2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

You guys mean like how literally every publisher pays for advertising in magazines and gaming site that journalists publish in?

How can Capcom get unbiased journalism when they pay for people to come to Hawaii? ... or what about when journalists get to got to fancy parties, cool swag and all expenses paid for trips?

If any of you had any complaints, it should have been done long ago, not now since MS got a deal going. Get off your high horse when it suits your fanboy missions and get with the program.

wicko2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

There are plenty of journalists who manage to remain unbiased while getting money for advertisements and whatnot. GT is not one of them.

Not to mention, there's no exclusivity deal with those kinds of things. You think you're going to see another article saying "GT and Sony have teamed up for this years E3 coverage!", because if that happened then you might have a valid point. What you used for your examples aren't even remotely similar to this.

As for inviting press to events and whatnot, the press aren't being paid to go to them (by those holding the events) and if they gave biased coverage, we'd call them out on it too.

I love how you blame fanboyism for our complaints. "You want unbiased coverage? YOU MUST BE A FANBOY".

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waltercross2868d ago

I Had 9 bubbles and three isn't the max, I saw someone with 5.
and I Agree, I Think if MTV or GT or anyone is paid by Sony, MS or Nintendo to help them cover E3 then they shouldn't even have an opinion on any of the others, for example, GT Shouldn't even have the right to view or talk about anything related to Sony and Nintendo's E3 since MS is paying them.

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DelbertGrady2868d ago ShowReplies(9)
I_Luv_2_Game2868d ago

does this just mean they'll be showing MS press conference

foxxy2868d ago Show
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