Opinion: EA declare war on decency with new Medal of Honor

No Added Sugar's Mark goes eyes-on with Medal of Honor and argues that EA may be sleepwalking into a public relations disaster with the game's present-day Afghanistan setting and unapologetic gung-ho jingoism.

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playstation_clan2810d ago

they need competition, if they dont charge for over-priced maps and have killstreaks that doesnt automatically end a game, it will have my sale

tdogchristy902810d ago

I think it is alot more tasteful when you are making a game or movie based on actual events. Yes I can see where some people would be upset by this and find it controversal, but it is real life and it's real history. I'm much more acceptable to things that are accurate towards history vs. trying to sugar coat it. I would much rather have a realistic historical game than a game that has violence for violence sack and has no real meaning (aka grand theft auto). So in a historical point I think the game is very much justified.

duplissi2810d ago


also werent there a few movies about 9/11 that came out a few years ago, no one had a problem with them. how is that any different?

JonnyBadfinger2810d ago


Its not a pretty world anymore... so the sooner people accept the fact some countries actually are war torn s***holes. And as if a video game is anymore intrusive then a Movie... Come'on seriously, if 'Hurt Locker' winner of multiple academy awards can pass and is acceptable for viewers eyes, why cant a videogame do the same thing?

Adding a hint of history and realism to a videogame make it that much more playable... some people like myself like facts and history in games... which is why i liked the WW2 CoD games over MW1&2.

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

Multiple graphic engines being used means different levels of detail in SP and MP...

"Medal of Honor's single-player campaign will use a heavily-modified version of Unreal Engine 3 and its multiplayer will use the Frostbite engine."

This is dumb, dumb, dumb. For starters, modified UE3 or not, the game looks pretty good. With MP being done by DICE, this is most likely the reason Frostbite needed to be used, and with mo-cap and assets being done on UE3, they couldn't completely swap to Frostbite.

Basically, we'll be getting a beautifully epic SP game, with a tacked on, laggy, crashing, MP mode... courtesy of DICE/EA.

For those who don't know, Bad Company 2 has some of the worst lag and connection issues seen in a multiplayer game.

tommyth3cat2810d ago

I was with you until you started to rag on BC2 mulitplayer. It's no better or worse than any other FPS multiplayer out there connection wise. During the first few weeks it was bad sure, at least on PC. It's smoothed out a lot now for PC as well as being pretty standard on PS3 as well.

PotatoClock2810d ago

BC2 "some of the worst lag and connection issues seen in a multiplayer game"?

I'm guessing you haven't play MW2, with its superiour IWNET system. No FPS can beat that for sheer lag.

JonnyBadfinger2810d ago

What the f*** are you talking about?

BC2 has the best connection as far as server based multiplayer games go... yes i have played a couple of shockers but generally its pretty f***en awesome.
And im in Australia... so believe me if im not complaining as an Australian about lag issues NO ONE can complain. We only have the 1 server which we need to share with New Zealand, and most games i would say the connect would be a Light Green Bar connection.

But since i got my new internet plan (100mbps download and 2.5mbps upload) i have been pulling host over almost everyone else in P2P games, so lag for me is no longer an issue.

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

Ok, seems like you guys don't have any issues, but I've counted 8/9 of my BF friends (PC and PS3) having connection issues with BC2's multiplayer. These include...

Constant disconnects. Almost every other round.

Rubber banding.

Hit detection problems.

All around unplayable matches due to "lag".

I'm no expert, but when myself and 8 other technically proficient friends from around the world experience the same issues, I see a PROBLEM. Seriously, When our whole clan just up and quits one day after the 200th time disconnecting from a server, its amazing other people still play this garbage.

catguykyou2805d ago

I can't comment on the console versions but the PC version has been vastly improved. Rubber banding was fixed in last server patch as was lag issues. There are never any connection issues with the game either. The only issue I've had recently was someone shut down their server midway through the game. Weirdest set of issues I've ever seen take place for the next 2 minutes after that, before it finally registered and kicked everyone.

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mistajeff2810d ago

i think that this person is jumping to an extreme conclusion waaaay too early. we still have no idea how they're going to portray US soldiers or enemy soldiers. from the last trailer with the answering machine, they seem to be taking a much more sensible approach than other shooters that puss out of creating a fictional story within real, current events by changing the 'al-queda' party to 'some russian extremists'. only time will tell i suppose.

wollie2810d ago

"Whether Medal of Honor will end up being a highly partisan and sugar-coated advertisement for American supremacy and ‘honour’ or a delicate exploration of the complexity of Afghanistan’s political circumstances is not yet certain- but given Goodrich’s apparent insensitivity to the issues involved, the omens are not good"

gotta love the self-loathing American (if he is American).

Yes, yes we know, America is pushy and corrupt, and Afghanistan is introspective and "complex"

get over yourself.

Darkstorn2810d ago

I wouldn't say Afghanistan is 'introspective.' The Taliban and Al-Qaida both oppress their women and use religion as a justification for murder.

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