Spawn Kill Review: 3D Dot Game Heroes

Kevin "K-Tuck" Tucker writes, "I’ve done my best to think of an accurate way to describe 3D Dot Game Heroes, and the only adjective that seems to fit is ‘paradoxical’. 3D Dot Game Heroes is both modern and retro, silly and serious, easy and difficult, and lastly, both homage and parody. This game easily fits into a very familiar category of games, yet everything it presents to the player is unexpectedly new and delightful. Putting this game into a nutshell is both impossible and highly probable."

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BubbleSystemSuck2958d ago

i must buy this game...

Something like Zelda on my PS3!:... priceless.!!!

Ocarina of Time, best game for me

monkey nuts2958d ago

If you liked ocarnia of time I'd suggest getting Darksiders, its shocking how similar the gameplay/ design are plus its actually a solid, enjoyable game. Personally I would liken 3D Dot to Zelda: A link to the past which was one of the greatest games to grace the Snes imo. Which is why I'll be getting 3D dot game heroes.

K-Tuck2957d ago

There are plenty of parallels to Zelda, and specifically Link to the Past. There is a mountain where dangerous rocks are always falling, complete with interconnecting caves; the very first sword you get is in the woods just outside of a town with a castle, and buried in stone; a fairy companion follows the hero around, sometimes giving advice; random caves have wells where you can throw in money to randomly get an item, other caves have fairies which will heal the hero -- the list goes on, but some of the more enjoyable references could be taken as spoilers.

Hope you enjoy the game, monkey nuts! I most certainly did.

rrquinta2958d ago

I pre-ordered and can't wait to play it :). I'll take another Zelda game anyway I can get it, especially if it doesn't involve trains... lol.

tigresa2958d ago

God damn it, I had zero interest at first and slowly I am coming around with every review I see of it...

rrquinta2957d ago

How could you have had zero interest in this?? I'm revoking your gaming license effective until you get this! (lol)

K-Tuck2957d ago

She'd rather see undead babies and macabre things than swords, shields, dragons, and Princesses.