Kotaku: Photo Dojo Micro-Review: This Game Is A Joke

Kotaku writes: "Not since my Mii arm-wrestled the Mii of television's own Geoff Keighley has Nintendo technology allowed me to witness such a titanic virtual battle of video game journalists as it did the day Photo Dojo allowed me to battle… me.

The image you see attached to this Photo Dojo review is of me, the guy who couldn't beat Soulja Boy in Street Fighter II, throwing a fireball at another version of myself. The fireball is my face. The background is a white chair in my living room, my fat cat sitting on the armrest at screen right.

All of this is made possible by Photo Dojo a Nintendo DSi game that begs the question: What kind of game would Nintendo give away for free?"

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darthv722805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

they are trying to see to much into this game. its free, its actually kind of funny doing different poses and sound effects. I made two fighters of my kids and while i wont let them rip each other in real life, they have a blast doing it this way.

this and the flip note studio are some of the best freebies i have seen. You just have to be creative.

I just remembered what this game reminds me of. Pit-fighter. Lots of young whippersnappers may not know about that game but us old school gamers sure do. I think it was one of the first fighters to use psudo realistic fighters (yes before mortal kombat).

The choppy animation and sounds take me back.

rosemo2805d ago

I agree with you darth. My two kids love this game and my wife, who couldn't care less about video games (other than Touch Solitaire) called it "funny" and "kind of cool". I am having a party tomorrow and I'm sure some of my relatives will get in on the hilarity. BTW, he was not criticizing the game for being a joke. He was applauding the amusement it brings.