EA set unprecidented move, gamers to suffer

James Joell-Ireland from writes "It was a matter of time some would say that game publishers would start shunning pre-owned games buyers, rather than pushing for legislation to force retailers to donate a share of their profits back to the gaming sector, EA have immediately taken the easy option of punishing the very people that made them the industry powerhouses they are today. In some ways I was a little surprised that Bobby Kotick wasn’t behind this move, as it had the trademarks of a typical snake oil salesman move."

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GamerscoreWhores2957d ago

One thing i liked to do was bring a disc over a mates house and play some FIFA 10 online co-op against others, can't do that now, not unless i want to pay for two licenses, ridiculous.

JustTheFactsMr2957d ago

Dude you won't even be able to take it to a second console in your own home and let your kids play it under their own account. Your now a criminal in EA's eyes for using a physical disc you bought with your own systems.

It's a big scam.

jdktech20102957d ago

why not just have your kids come to your system? Is that really that big a deal? Just wondering

N4GAddict2956d ago

I hope EA will lose a lot of sales for doing this

N4GAddict2956d ago

I guess no more EA games for me