PSP2 at E3? I don't think so…

Dualshockers: The PSP is the portable console of choice for hardcore gamers and the only thing that would change my opinion on that is the announcement of the PSP2 at this years E3.

…except there is no PSP2.

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Hitman07692839d ago

The rumor is gone. It will not be at this year's E3 people, do you really think Sony would unveil that while we are all there to see the Nintendo 3D? As the author put, that idea is "insanely stupid".

I say good day!!!!!!

Christopher2839d ago

I'm hoping Sony takes a good year to come out with the next model, at the least. But, most importantly, they need to focus on improving the software and getting more games on the system. It's amazing that the attachment rate isn't that far from the NDS, but the list of games coming out each month for it isn't as many as it should have this late in its age.

D4RkNIKON2839d ago

The PSP2 would only help in the game release department, not many devs want to make a game for the most pirated console on the market. A new PSP would take time to hack

Hitman07692839d ago

I think a New PSP is possible and a great thing. And as D4RkNIKON said below me, it would be good for developers too. I wouldn't call it the most pirated console because they are still selling PlayStation 2.

But in any effect, I honestly do not see PSP2 coming to light at this year's E3. I mean anything is POSSIBLE but probable? Definitely Not.

Check out the article if you haven't already for reasoning which is very sound. And for PSP2 it might be one of those things that won't release before the world goes into oblivion. I guess we will see which happens first.

Christopher2839d ago

I see the point with PSP2 for solving piracy issues, but you create others with it in regards to those who have a UMD devices and now have to stay digital w/overpriced memory cards or upgrade to the next and maintain two handheld devices.

But, this isn't a decision I can honestly make. It takes Sony's expert team of marketing and analyzing monkeys to do that.

Reibooi2839d ago

I would like to see a new PSP but it would probably have to outdo what a PS2 could do and considering we are still seeing incredible games coming out on the PSP I think it's not yet time for a PSP2. Perhaps the same time next year but right now it seems a bit to early.

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Noctis Aftermath2839d ago

How is the rumor gone? cause some guy who writes an article decides that they can't possibly keep it a secret therefore it can't possibly exist? "insanely stupid" indeed.

Like most rumors there is very little evidence for proof, if you get proof it's no longer a rumor, hence why people are calling it a rumor.

I still believe sony will reveal it at this years E3, why do i think that? firstly is because i want it to happen, secondly because the PSP (despite what all the naysayers say) has been a success and i can't see why sony would let nintendo get the jump on them releasing the next generation of handhelds.
My third point is because the PSP western sales are in the dumps and no game/s will be able to reinvigorate it, the only thing that can do that is a new PSP.

Lastly, the psp has recently turned 5 years old, if they don't announce it this year it may be too late for them to try and compete with nintendo.

Of course these are just my opinions, unlike this author i don't think that my opinions should be taken as facts.

Nicaragua2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

OK, so thats your opinion and the author wrote his opinion in an article - so whats your problem ?

When people talk about rumours in the gaming world then they are usually talking about some kind of leaked unnamed source. The PSP2 rumour has absolutely zero foundation so i agree with the author - its not a rumour, its bullshit.


Nintendo are going to release a successor to the N64 called the N65 !!! Go discuss.

klado2839d ago

My third point is because the PSP western sales are in the dumps and no game/s will be able to reinvigorate it.

A new psp is not needed for that, it is only because of the pirate out there with the psp nowadays, what is only needed is, sony to comes with a good upgrade to prevent thief and those who...(I'll buy later and download now) kind of people, to kill them and let it gets what is suppose to be releasing good games - pirate = good sales + pirates = no sales and that is commonly around USA..., simple!

Sure thing is, next psp won't suffer for this, HOPE SO.

silvacrest2839d ago

couldn't agree more, nothing more needs to be said

silvacrest2839d ago

thats like saying, "microsoft are showing natal at E3, do you really think sony will show move while we are all there to see natal?"

first of all i doubt everyone is there to see 3Ds, natal or move, i no some people who are there to see actual games, strange i no.....

there have been plenty of rumours for years now, i doubt that will change

R2D22839d ago

All Sony needs to do is add a cell phone to the PS2 and BOOM! Sales will rocket.

JsonHenry2839d ago

No company is gonna announce a new piece of hardware during a world wide financial recession. It just aint gonna happen. Period.

You Already Know2839d ago

if the rumor is gone, then why is Sony Ericsson working on a phone that is made to play games and powerful enough to put the PSP to shame...?

Playstation Phone (PSP 2)

ABizzel12839d ago

I don't think anyone said it was coming, most people just said it's a possibility.

But there's a comment about people hating the PSP GO. I don't think people hate the PSP GO. I think there's no reason upgrade if you own an original PSP. If you could have brought your old games over with the upgrade and if the PSP Go wasn't almost as much as a PS3 then it would have done well. It can still do well, but they need to drop the price to at least $199 if not lower, and make the games cheaper. Games that are over 4 years old are still $19.99 and up on PSN that's an awful pricing strategy.

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Nicaragua2839d ago

LOL, awesome article.

I agree 100%.

Hitman07692839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

I know right, hey here's metal gear peace walker, gran turismo, lil big planet, modnation racers, assassins creed, resistance, god of war again, oh wait don't you want to buy a psp2 now? I don't understand why didn't we sell any psp2's? hrmmmm......


LOL, Or better yet cancel portable and regular 5-8 because when they release PS9 it will not need the P at the end cuz it will be portable AND home console at the same time and I mean like KAPOW!!!!!!

DannyVenom2839d ago

Scrap the PSP2, next out is the PSP5. The beauty of it is, it's so awesome, there doesn't even need to be a PSP2-4.

Myst2839d ago

Probably in a year or two.

edgeofblade2839d ago

Actually, I have a hard time seeing a PSP2... ever. If we do see one, it will have to seriously butt heads with iPhone.

I'm actually happy with PSP the way it is.

D4RkNIKON2839d ago

I am sick of people saying PSP is fine the way it is. Piracy kills the amount of games that are released because no one wants to develop a game that will be stolen. Dual analog has been an issue for how long now? I have owned PSP since day ONE and recently traded it in because I no longer use it and will wait for PSP2

klado2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

bubble pal...this guy just sound like one of them, dude hate people who ignoring-ly steal the hard work form developers, and it just seem it only do happen in america for bad, since japan is what maintain this little jewel alive for good...anyway pirates just need to extinguish with the psp, just see the ps3, need a solution to this.

On topic, I have mine and hardly play it, cus of better games in the ps3 and so on, but would lovely expect for a good upgrade with a better format than the tedious mini disc, something like DS with cartridge would do for me.

wicko2839d ago

Honestly I half expect a PSP 4000. Wouldn't surprise me at all. Maybe a PSP Go with a UMD drive, or something along those lines.

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