8 Games You Should Expect to 'Move' at E3

After seeing the Playstation Move at E3 09, the masses pretty much yawned at this “gimmick” that Sony has brought us in light of the Wii’s success. Almost a year later and there have been improvements made on the technology as well as Sony’s ability to demonstrate it and get someone who actually has any gaming skills. On that note, they also should clear the air on a price point globally as they announced that it would be $59.99 in Canada which isn’t bad except for the fact that you need the Playstation Eye as well.

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Godmars2902936d ago (Edited 2936d ago )

No. Just no...

Anything else, besides Motorstorm, is fine.

Its not like there wont be games specifically for Move that people will be talking about post E3, but Sony doesn't have to have it as an option for *every* game they make from now on.

ActionBastard2936d ago (Edited 2936d ago )

Use the DS3?

EDIT: But what harm is there by having it as an option in every game? If you don't have to use, I don't see a problem. There will be plenty of ""Move only" games as well.

HolyOrangeCows2936d ago (Edited 2936d ago )

Exactly. Options are NEVER a bad thing.

I'm hoping for a surprise exclusive Star Wars game announcement.

You Already Know2936d ago

apparently people assume that the addition of Move means no DS3...which couldn't be further from the truth..

renegade2936d ago (Edited 2936d ago )

a wheel or ds3 is better nuff said.

EDIT: Options are welcome, yes but for a motion controller is going to be little difficult to drive maybe sony would show something that could change us minds, hope so.

D4RkNIKON2936d ago

options are ALWAYS welcome.

Sevir042936d ago

Please hush! it's an OPTION! and you havent even tried it yet. :-)

renegade2936d ago (Edited 2936d ago )

I totally agree. They not even said that gt5 is going to feature it so lets wait for it. I cant wait to gets it in my hands and try it with gt5 but i will play it with my g25 is a awesome wheel!

mastiffchild2936d ago

I agree that normally options are fine but there's always the risk, especially when adding new controls to those that already work really well, of diverting funds away from the core experience.

Then, if the new scheme adds nothing and is inferior to the existing scheme all that's achieved is the game itself lacking a little polish/whatever as a result of messing with Move. All I'm saying is it's fine as long as it doesn't detract from ANY other existing area of a particular game and if it's not going to add anything or have a chance of improving/matching what we already have just don't bother.

Normally, however, if added after a game's been finished the risk is that the controls won't be as great as for a game designed around them and will a game (like Socom4) designed from the ground up with both in mind actually be as good with either pad or Move as it would if made for just a pad or just for Move. These are the risks inherent to adding Move controls and we'll just have to see if, indeed, it merely ads a good option for those interested or actually detracts from games as their vision gets a little diluted.

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Christopher2936d ago

I don't see a driving game working all that well with motion controls...

D4RkNIKON2936d ago

could be just like Mario Kart wii. Almost like a steering wheel without it being mounted. You could move like you are using a wheel or maybe a peripheral to make the move controller into a wheel like the wiimote. Hell Natal wants you to use thin air or a frisbee lol

Christopher2936d ago

I'm not sure how it works in Mario Kart, honestly, but I do know that in MotorStorm and GT games, there's a much greater need for shifting control as well as very precise car control. I just don't see it working well, if at all when you take into account shifting, which by the way was one of the elements we never saw in use with the Burnout Natal game.

D4RkNIKON2936d ago

Move is supposed to be precise. It also has buttons so shifting, gas, break, E brake and more are all possible. It is definitely possible and the option doesn't hurt any one. I plan on getting a set of Move controllers.

MexicanAppleThief2936d ago

Yamauchi mentioned something about Move incorporated into GT5, but only for navigating across the game UI.

Godmars2902936d ago

And you can't use a basic controller - the one you'll already have in your hands - why?

Sounds about as dumb as trying to include Natal into every 360 title, but at least you wont have to put down/pick up anything.

Nicholas Cage2936d ago

imagine the executions! crazy...

Anon73492936d ago

Pretty much every racing game should be played with a racing wheel because it's impossible to get the resistance from motion control and it's weak with a controller.

Although I'd say Mod Nation Racers is one of those games best played with the DS3.

Cerberus21252936d ago (Edited 2936d ago )

Zipper already said about 1000 times that it was not made with both in mind,that move was added long after and it was easy as pie.

How mi comment end up here, my reply was for mastiffchild

sikbeta2936d ago

On Top of My List are:

3·[Minority Report] is not a Game, but it's The Best Thing
4·Motion Fighters... "Because REAL BOXERS..."

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Vinster2936d ago

Other than a small handful of big titles using Move, all I foresee are exercise and mini games incoming.

Sevir042936d ago

LOL!!! really? Bungie said their new IP wont be at E3 this year and is in Pre production... only bungie and activition have seen it. Fail list for that reason alone.

bart9992936d ago

this is a fail list, it's complete fanboyism, and not even based on rumours.

zen_hydra2936d ago

...and how about a boxing franchise that utilizes the Move, but doesn't make it a gesture-based game. I want fighting games with true 1-to-1 motion tracking. Is that really asking too much?

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