Do you have to let Halo linger?

"More than that though, I think we could all just use a break from Halo. Or, better yet, Halo could use a break from us. You see, there is something that sometimes happens to popular game series. They sell well, so sequels are made. The sequels sell well, so prequels are made. Those sell well so spin-offs are produced, and so on and so forth. The Medal of Honor games, for instance, used to be great. I loved them back on the PS1 and then later on the PS2 when they set out to recreate moments from war movies. Storming the beaches of Normandy a la Saving Private Ryan (sometimes almost word for word) is still is a fond memory. That said, as time went on the sequels became shabbier and moreover, the shooter market became completely and utterly saturated with FPS games set in WW2. Medal of Honor’s influence on this trend was far from small. "

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GWAVE2990d ago ShowReplies(7)
Nakerman2990d ago

I still enjoy Halo as much as ever.

WhatARump2990d ago

I completely agree. Just because the author is tired of a game that doesn't mean others don't enjoy it!

SixZeroFour2990d ago

same...and my friend who still doesnt have any next gen console yet actually tries to come over any time he has free to play the game...he says that its the most fun hes had out of all the other halo games (he has the original xbox with halo ce and 2)

hes played cod 4 and mw2 at my other friends house, but it wasnt his thing, and played bfbc2 at my house, but it was too hard...but enjoys the hell out of the reach beta...he isnt even the best player (usually averages 9/15 kd ratio) but loves playing it..thing i love most about halo is the split screen multiplayer

athmaus2990d ago

First game out it was awesome...but not no new innovation, just more of the same...

Jack Klugman2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

tens of thousands playing it daily say NO. PC gamers didnt even get H3..

whats your gamertag? nice thing about it tracks everything.. so i want to see your stats.. since youve played them all i should have plenty to look at.

report this garbage as lame. the article doesnt even load just comes to a db error.

Fishy Fingers2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

How does the number of daily players relate to innovation? Lot's of people like and want 'more of the same' and there's nothing wrong with that. Halo CE was innovation at it's best (for the consoles), from there on it's mostly refinement.

Generally to innovate you have to change, not something fans of a franchise are always keen on.

The BS Police2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

Infact every single FPS game released after Halo 1 borrows from Halo in someway, from the party system and regenerating health of Halo 2 all the way to the Golden tripod gameplay of Halo 1 (Weapons, Grenades, and melee).

To deny the influence that Halo has had on the FPS genre is like denying DOOM and Goldeneye 007 had any influence aswell.

Jack_Klugman2990d ago

theatre mode? forge?

no innovation? like i said in the early posts many of these people complaining have little knowledge of Halo.. bunch of PC gamers still talking about CE but ignore the many new innovations simply because they dont know better.

SixZeroFour2990d ago

bungie innovated fps' on the consoles, not on the fps genre itself...take that as you will, but innovation is still innovation

it took what many devs have done on the pc, but devs couldnt do it on the consoles, until bungie implemented it in halo in some way

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Fishy Fingers2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

Oops, meant to be a reply.

barefootgamer2990d ago

I've never played any Halo games (I know, I'm a horrible person!) but I'm all for letting older series out to pasture if they no longer have the ability to entertain like they used to. Otherwise, we're going to see things like "Halo 13" in the future.

BeaArthur2990d ago

You admit that you have never played any of them but claim they should be "let out to pasture". Although any series can be milked to death, you probably shouldn't be commenting about things you know nothing about.

AlexC2990d ago

Halo definitely needs a rest imo... and awesome jab at Final Fantasy, haha :D

Odin7772990d ago

At least the Final Fantasy games all have different storylines, [somewhat] different gameplay, and characters.

volkl302990d ago

If its still fun, so be it.

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