Toy Story 3 PS3: Playstation.Blog Hands-on with Zurg, PlayStation Move update

Posted by Sid Shuman: If you stopped by the PlayStation.Blog recently, you got an exclusive preview of Toy Story 3: The Video Game, releasing on June 15th for PS3 and PSP. More specifically, you got to see Zurg, the playable villain found only in the PS3 version.

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DARKrage342930d ago

So, the game Toy Story 3 comes out before the movie is in theatres?!

AW3SOME! This game does look pretty sweet... esp. all the customization options and toy box mode. Haha, now with the PS Move I expect to play catch with Buzz's dad, ZURG!!!

Faztkiller2930d ago

This might be the first Game based off a movie that I play It actually looking to be a solid game