Is Bulletstorm the New Gears?

Both star big, meaty heroes firing big, meaty guns. Both take place in gritty sci-fi universes where you trust your team before you trust your government. Both include enough exaggerated blood and violence to earn an M-rating several times over. And both have really dumb names.

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2late2991d ago

because the studio that makes the game was bought by epic? The article fails from the get go

Sevir042991d ago

wait and see. it's like Gears and Borderlands had a baby...

cmrbe2991d ago

it certainly looks like Gears 3.

Cajun Chicken2991d ago

No, it'll be far, far better than Gears. For a start Bulletstorm doesn't pretend to take itself seriously.

interrergator2991d ago

a fps but cool though i cant wait to see it and thats great for me so long its awesome