Where art thou? : Resident Evil Portable

Rely on Horror writes: "It's been quite a while since we've heard anything on Resident Evil Potable, since last year's e3 to be exact. Capcom seems to have been playing things close to the chest with the devlopment of this game. It all makes one wonder: Has it been cancelled? If not, then the question still pertains: What type of gameplay will be present in the game? Ol'School or New School? But the main question has to be: Where in the blue hell is Resident Evil Portable?"

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GWAVE2985d ago

Capcom...I wonder what they're doing over there. Their quality hasn't been very consistent lately, and other than Monster Hunter, I don't think they have any pull with the I'll-just-download-it-inst ead-of-buying-it PSP crowd.

sinncross2985d ago

I don't actually ever recall that RE on PSP would use PSP Go features, just that it was a game for the PSP (overall).

That said, maybe at E3. I mean, both Agent and MGS: Rising were announced E3 2009 and they'll only get formal information releases at E3 2010.

Handhelds_FTW2985d ago

Don't pull a Devil May Cry Portable on us once again. A simple, "we are still working on it" type of comment would do just fine to ease the anxiety.