Best Buy at it Again

Josh Margolis Writes - "It seems Best Buy is retuning its strategy to raise its place in the video game market. The electronics giant has licked its wounds over its failure in its attempt to enter the used game market, and it has a new way to try and stick it to GameStop."

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BeaArthur2959d ago

You never know, but I highly doubt this is going to work. For me Game Informer is just a bonus. If it went away I would still have an EDGE card.

Christopher2959d ago

I get Game Informer and never shop at GameStop, it's the best VG mag out there. While BestBuy is utilizing Future US, which is that red logo at the bottom left of N4G as well, it's unlikely it's going to have the same level of writing and presentation that GameInformer has.

ReBurn2959d ago

My Game Informer subscription comes as a perk of my EDGE card membership, too. It's totally worth the super-cheap $15 per year I've paid for it.

I don't think a magazine is going to give Best Buy a competitive advantage. Games are pretty much all GameStop does. It makes sense for them. I don't think it makes as much sense for Best Buy. I'd take it if it was free, though.

princejb1342959d ago

why buy a magazine when the internet has all the video game news youll ever need

Kratos Spartan2959d ago

it's GI. With Andy. And Reiner. GI will give you powers. It is not for the weak. Only the strong

toaster2959d ago

Yeah the folks at GI are awesome. They always put in little touches that makes it humorous and fun to read. And for the most part they aren't biased at all unlike a lot of mags that cater to only one system. GI covers it all and is one of the best. Plus they get a lot of awesome exclusives and firsts.

I don't shop at Gamestop but I subscribed to GameInformer.

paradigmfellow2959d ago

From my experiences with working with gamestop I hated selling the gameinformer. In Miami you can't sell the game informer by itself. You have to sell it as the edge card and then say the magazine is a benefit since most of the demographics is hispanic and they are more prone to hear you out if you talk about deals than an add on. If Best Buy just offers a magazine then don't expect it to pick up in sales.

NeoBasch2959d ago

I'll probably try it. I don't use GameStop. Only Best Buy. I don't support used games and never will. Until the middle man cuts some for the big guys that is. I'll bite.

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I_Luv_2_Game2959d ago

There coming out wit a gaming magazine for gamers.. I'll check it out, I've been looking for a decent magazine..

ExPresident2959d ago

Not shocked by this at all, a company partnering with another company to gain sales revenue from the advertisements? Whatever works for Best Buy. I buy my games there before I ever do GameStop so they already have my money, unless I can get the game with a good deal say from Amazon or something.

evildeli2959d ago

Although I like game magazines, there's a lot of them lately. With EGM coming back and all, I'm spending more time reading than playing.

Assumedkilla2959d ago

It's weird to look at a huge company like Best Buy as the "little guy" or even the good guy. However, GameStop is a monopoly that needs competition. That of course will be good for us, since that will bring better prices on used games and things of that nature.

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