Cliff Bleszinski calls Mass Effect the Star Wars of our Generation

In a recent interview, Cliff Bleszinski mentions that he believes Mass Effect to be the Star Wars of our Generation. Talks about what makes a shooter a 'true shooter' and discusses the industry at large.

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skeletonss2963d ago

10000 %. i know i will catch shit for it but halo is pretty awesome story to, rediculous colors and corney aliens. Killzones story is pretty cool to, not mass effect big though.

GameOn2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

I also totally agree with the article. Great series, the both of em.

Sinner101GR2963d ago

I gotta say, Halo does get me all fuzzy inside when it comes to story, it has a rich one, but to compare it to Star Wars...I wouldn't venture that far. Think of Star Wars, the entire universe. It isnt humans vs a bunch of Aliens, its a bunch of factions against other factions with a lot of global politics going on.

Mass Effect as a comparison is a pretty good one to say the least.

hoops2963d ago

Mass Effect is simply amazing franchise

WMW2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

aria-jabba the hut
biotics-the force
thane-bobba fett
similar laser weapons
similar ship designs
similar planets
similar alien designs

it isn't this generations star wars it is star wars.

GameOn2963d ago

That's a really dumb comparison. Sorry but it is.