Breaking Down the EA “Online Pass”

In terms of Tiger Woods ’11, the Online Pass will give gamers access to all multiplayer functions. For people that buy the game used, or use rental services like Gamefly or Blockbuster, the code will be available on the XBox Marketplace or Playstation Store for $10. As can be expected, the announcement was not met with a positive reception. But what does it really mean?

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Umbrella Corp2965d ago

Ok guys I support this idea but not the policy.Gamers need to stop buying games used because the developers dont get thier hard earned money however paying 10 dollars for an online pass is ridiculous.If you buy it used you should have all rights if you rent it you should be able to test the product,how can you test a product if the online is blocked?I really no one supports this.

cmrbe2965d ago

Its a give and take thing. We had to put up with rising game prices and incomplete games that you must buy DLC to get the complete experience.

This is just another poly by publishers to skim more money off gamers. I for one don't like it at all. Weather publishers like it or not. Selling and buying used products is acceptable in every industry.

Dawale2965d ago

What if you pay $60 for a game and it's crap? Are they going to start offering partial refunds?

JustTheFactsMr2965d ago

This is a scam. They are taking away features you currently enjoy.

You will need to pay $10 for every other person in your family times every other console in your house to get what you currently have now.

And when your system dies and need to reinstall onto a new system you will need to pay $10 for every person in your family on that console as well because it will no longer be the first installed device anymore

Scam. EA. Scam.

Since we have multiple consoles we won't be buying anymore of their games.

Bunch of scam artists.