GameSpot: Crysis 2 Updated Impressions

At the EA London Showcase this year, Crysis 2 executive producer Nathan Camarillo was in town to show off the latest build of the game. But before GameSpot got to see the long-awaited sequel in action, Camarillo spent a good portion of his presentation talking about the first game.

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BeaArthur2840d ago

Did they throw in any cheap shots while you were viewing the game?

dizzleK2840d ago

what impressions do we need? move the stick and hold down the shoot button, it's not rocket science.

Kingdom Come2840d ago

I have know doubt the game will be stunning, however, I'm growing worried about the lack of gameplay footage. With the games release a matter of months away, all we have to judge the game upon is a small number of Screenshots and (the brilliant but CG) "The Wall" Trailer. Looking forward to playing this thing on my PC, the first "Crysis" was stunning, bring on the second.

PS360PCROCKS2840d ago

E3 man, E3. Wouldn't be surprised one bit for this to be a demo on stage at Microsoft's press conference.

PS360PCROCKS2840d ago

1,280px × 710px. Really random resolution of those screen shots, lol 710? They can't handle the extra 10 pixels and make it 720p?