GTA IV Cost Microsoft $75 Million

According the Grand Wizard Of Foresight, Microsoft paid Rockstar $75 million to take GTA IV from PS3 exclusive to multi-format.

“GTA IV was going to be a PS3 exclusive, but Microsoft paid Rockstar and Take-Two to make it a non-exclusive, and they paid them a lot,” said Pachter.

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Fishy Fingers2839d ago

Could of been far better spent, at least in my opinion.

hassi942839d ago

It was one of the best selling games ever...

Plus I think this is complete bullcrap, Pachter pulls all his information and theories out of his ass. I'm expecting the Wii HD to come out this year and I should be paying $100 per year for Xbox Live by now, right? Oh and GTAV's coming out this year.

Why does this guy get paid?

sikbeta2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

Isn't MW2 the best selling game?

Also, what I assume he's trying to say, is that, even IF M$ got GTA as Multiplat now, that Money could do lot of Real Exclusive Games...

Agree about Pachter talking nonsense almost all the time


Oh, sorry, I read "the Best" and not ONE of the Best, so yep, it's one of the best selling games...

SuperStrokey11232839d ago

yeah its not like pachter deals with the financials and the books of the companies every day... oh no wait he does. I can assure you he knows more about the companies and their actions than you do.

cliffbo2839d ago Show
secksi-killer2839d ago

how much did you get paid to say that??? lol seriously you must be getting paid, because i cant imagine people writing stuff like that for free.. oh wait!

but, i think the point is, if they did pay that, then how many DIDNT buy a ps3 because they didnt have to with gta being on the xbox?? the week gta hit, in the uk alone, sales jumped 127% for the ps3 and 125% for the 360(there was an article on n4g about it at the time). i'm sure if they did spend that, then they consider it a good move.

i would say that having gta at the same time, easily helped them stay competitive....could you imagine what wouldve happend if gta had been ps3 exclusive????

corneliuscrust2839d ago

Maybe tone it down a touch? That was pretty bad.

On topic, yeah pachter deals with the financial numbers of the companies that we are not privy to...

But then why is he wrong so very often? The only reason he still has a job is that he is good at staying in the spotlight.

DaTruth2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

If MS didn't secure same day GTA4 multiplat release, this entire console war thing would be over by now and PS3 would still be $600.(just kidding about the $600 part)

It was a great move by MS, it just sucked for PS3 gamers!

cmrbe2839d ago

MS could have developed 3 AAA real exclusive titles with that money that would have done wonders for their console and their fans.

JoySticksFTW2839d ago

It's true that Ms could have used that money to fund true exclusives.

But GTAIV as a PS3 exclusive would have been a back-breaker.

Regardless of what we think of the game now, the hype surrounding the game then - and those perfect review scores - Near everyone was waiting for that game. And all the game sales and boosted console sales would have been Sony's. MS had to pay that money.

MS even admitted to making a PS Exclusive hitlist - games that they HAD to have on their system to compete with Sony - same day release, not later date ports

GTA was at the top of the list followed by FF, MGS, DMC, and Tekken

But Sony saw this happening. They couldn't stop it and pulled a Nintendo. Make appealing exclusive characters / games that no one can take from them ever again - Kratos, Drake, Cole, Sackboy

I heard Assassin's Creed was supposed to be PS3 exclusive also, but my man Ken Kutaragi refused to pay for exclusivity. Said he wouldn't let Sony be held at ransom by 3rd party developers.

Saigon2839d ago

You are correct about was to be a PS3 exclusive but Sony did want to pay for its Ubi decided to take it Multi-Plat...Actually many don't know the game was to be on the PS2 first but the next-gen happened...

On topic, i understand what most are saying about this deal...Overall it was stupid for MS to do this because they could have made 3-4 games with this money but this was a great decision at the end of the day...they needed to stay competitive with Sony...

i just thought about much did the sales increase for the console install base for each system when this game hit? Can anyone get this number?

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Anton Chigurh2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

"Michael Pachter: When Microsoft paid Take-Two to make GTA IV non-exclusive... In other words, GTA IV was going to be a PS3 exclusive, but Microsoft paid Rockstar and Take-Two to make it a non-exclusive, and they paid them a lot. The number I've heard, and I'm sure this is right, is $75m, and that probably includes the funding for the first DLC packs too. It's more than the $50m that people talk about."

The original source is from Michael Pachter which makes the whole article waste of Bandwidth .

siyrobbo2839d ago

when has any main GTA game been exclusive to any console?

RememberThe3572839d ago

He is saying he was told this. And Patcher big a prominent guy in the industry especially on the financial side so I wouldn't just shrug this off.

Kleptic2839d ago

Pachter does have a good hold on the financial side of the industry...its his 'predictions' towards trends of 'gamers' that is usually pretty off...he has never had a good grasp of the intangible side of the industry, as in the loyalties of fans and what the consumers deem 'cool'...but financially, people listen to him...

either way though its pretty obvious that if MS did spend this kind of money on GTAIV, in hindsight it may be something they don't do again...but its hard to 2008 had GTAIV released solely on the PS3...with MGS4 coming soon after...its very likely the 360 wouldn't have the market power it still is trying to hold was 75 million worth staying relevant in the industry now?...probably...

and thats overall the story of this generation...MS got a jump start, and then dug in...They never needed to blow anyone away with first party exclusives that push development tech to new areas...they just needed to brush off anything Sony would throw at them...and so far this generation, that is exactly what has happened...

look at whats happened so far...EVERY big huge exclusive Sony has given the PS3 has actually had little effect on the 360 and its sales...the only thing that has truely threatened MS has been price cuts to the PS3...when it dipped into the $300 area, the PS3 took off...and has continued to do so for nearly a year...

so if the money spent on GTAIV being multiplat was that still seems worth that was really the last exclusive to really change the tide as far as software...I say that simply because it came so early into both systems life individual titles have much less of an impact..its more price and overall libraries, which both have in spades...its no wonder MS pretty much stopped being so crazy after 2008, save the FFXIII announcement, which ended up being nearly pointless...

Sevir042839d ago

That game wasn't even all that! lol!!! and then they poured another alleged 50+ million to get the DLC exclusive, which came out a year later on the PS3.....? Really? For real MS?

All that money and they didn't even ship that many consoles during the launch of GTA4....

that money could have gone on to fund a first party exclusive or better yet Buy a small independent studio.

Glad to see Sony buying Studios. :-)

Taker_1292839d ago

If MS paid that much for GTA4, what a waste! That money would have been better spent on creating an exclusive franchise for the 360. Because god knows the 360 needs some more true exclusives. But we must remember that this is Pachter talking here, so everything he says should be taking with a grain of salt.

boysenberry2839d ago

What he said. Keep on flushing your money down the toilet Microsoft. :)

Sevir042839d ago

Sony didn't pay a dime for this game... in fact it was PLANNED as an Exclusive because thats how they've been released on Sony Platform in the past... But at E307, MS's rep showed up with a GTA4 Tatoo on his arm... They really had to back up the dump truck of cash to get that kinda of same day release. So it was essentially a buy out. much the same way MS did with both Konami and Square! and prolly Capcom and Namco with former PS brand games Like FF, tekken, MGS and DMC. they paid money and i'm very inclined to believe that the bigger the franchise the more MS reached into Bill's back pocket. pulled out that check book and red pen....

"So.....How many Zeros will it take?"

Sevir042839d ago

but it has some truth.. this is a big ps franchise and MS's rep showed up at e307 with that infamous tatoo of "GTA4" on his arm.... and then similar things happened with Square and Konami with FFXIII and MGS:R, personally i believed they pulled out the check book and asked... "So How many zeros will it take?"

DaTruth2839d ago

You guys are insane! It is not about the quality of the game, which most of us never new going into it. It is about the nail in the coffin a PS3 exclusive GTA4 timed or otherwise, would have been!

I would go so far as to say MS had no choice in the matter. R* could have asked for more!

waltercross2839d ago

This is why Sony buys studios up, if sony buys them they can't be bought off.

Hotel_Moscow2839d ago

dammit walter thats there plan sony is all about the marathon there going to buy every single studio

Kleptic2839d ago

it was 2006 that he showed up with the GTAIV tattoo iirc...and it WAS a very big deal...the 360 was already released...and this was the infamous E3 of Sony dropping the ball everywhere...the first real gameplay footage of PS3 games failed to impress...(read: giant enemy crab, and ridge racer...)...and the icing on the cake was the $599 price point for the 'better' PS3...and MS made announcements about GTAIV and showed off Gears 1 footage...they won that E3, no question...

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Solidus187-SCMilk2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

LOL, how would he know anything like that.

edit below--- REALLY. you think any company is going to talk to loud mouth pathcer about these things.

Did rockstar also tell patcher that there would be "No more 3rd party exclusives." Because R* themselves are workingon ps3 exclusive agent.

Regardless of where he gets his info, its usually wrong, unable to be validated, or something simple. This is his prediction, or else hed say "microsoft told me" or "R* said."

BRG90002839d ago

Believe it or not, he probably knows what he's talking about here. He has sources in tons of different companies that aid his financial analysis. He works for a big financial analysis firm, that's what they do. I'm actually very familiar with Wedbush Morgan from my own job.

This isn't one of his infamous predictions, and isn't about something nebulous like a console release date. When it comes to financial data in the past he is a pretty credible source.

SuperStrokey11232839d ago

Look at when he said that and when teh game was announced duder. He means in games announced in teh future. You guys seriously spend all day twisting the words of other people.

van-essa2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

If Patcher says so, then it must be true.

Denethor_II2839d ago

Considering it didn't cost Sony a penny, yes I agree.

playstation_clan2839d ago

it helped fund agent, lol, thank you Microsoft

rob60212839d ago

helped fund agent and RDR combined you mean.

Hanif-8762839d ago

They made back their money so i think that it was a good move by them :-)

thehitman2839d ago

Didnt make a dime back they took a huge loss even TakeTwo was suprised at the lost the 50mil MS paid for the DLC didnt come close to expectations.

Alvadr2839d ago

Purely speculation. I doubt MS paid anything to get GTAIV on their system 2-3 years ago the 360 was in far far stronger position than the PS3 was..

Its more likley that Rockstar came knocking on MS's door.

They will have only paid for the timed DLC

2839d ago
ape0072839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

but if you think what would happen if gta 4 was ps3 exclusive?? everyone know how popular is the gta series, all people would have to BUY a ps3 just to get their hands on grand theft auto, it would have a ps2 sales impact for ps3

steve30x2839d ago

Do schools actually teach people these days to say of instead of have or are people realy getting that lazy?

Akagi2839d ago

Indeed, charities and such.

8thnightvolley2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

i believe it was a wise move by microsoft and it shows tehy fought tooth and nail to make sure hte 360 get equal treatment with multiplats if they didnt pay for all these i tell u the 360 would have been having some serious hard time .. but i am glad they did .. and they are making a profit too.. so its a win IMO.

sixaxis2839d ago

im not here to bash 360, but imagine what gtaIV could have been if it really had been ps3s timed exclusive, lets be honest, working on 2 platforms simultaneously was a time consuming thing, and this explains why GTA IV turned out the way it did-lack of replay value, there wasnt even a parachute to fool around with, and many elements which made the seires popular were missing, tanks, variety in car types, etc. so, when BOGT was released, true fans said this is what gtaIV should have been!

meluvulongtime2839d ago

I think it was essential that MS pay for it. It doesn't matter if it pushed any extra 360's or not. Having GTAIV on the 360 is just one less reason to have to buy a PS3 for certain big 3rd party titles; same as having Final Fantasy, Tekken, and DMC. Imagine all those titles exclusive to the PS3, plus all Sony exclusives. The reasons to own a 360 would diminish greatly.

MNicholas2839d ago

This is way more than my estimate at the time of $50ish million based on installed base, projected sales, etc...

Wonder why they threw in the extra $25M. Microsoft was definitely throwing around a lot of money in those days to buy exclusives and such so perhaps it was easier to squeeze a bit extra out of them.

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D4RkNIKON2839d ago

Yeah they thought that having the content "FIRST" would help them win the console war. Sony used their money for real EXCLUSIVES lol. The funny part is that the GTA content made it's way over to the PS3 anyway. I am still waiting for Uncharted 2 to make it's way to the 360 /sarcasm ;)

Solidus187-SCMilk2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

ACCORDING TO PATCHER. nuff said. No more credible then some random guy on N4g.

below-- NO. Thats what you want to beleive without having any idea how much it cost them. R* may have just made the 360 version to sell 2x as many copies.

Having GTA4 on 360 was pretty important, and you call it dumb? No wonder you are willing to beleive anything patcher says.

D4RkNIKON2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

either way, if the number is correct or not.. MS spent way too much money on something so dumb when they need to be working on real exclusives. Their 3rd party studios are going multiplat and they don't seem to be doing anything about it.

@ Disagree. So you really thought it was worth it to play the GTA DLC on 360 before the PS3 got to rather than playing a real AAA 360 exclusive title that would stay exclusive? or did you just click disagree because it upsets you

The Maxx2839d ago

"ither way, if the number is correct or not.. MS spent way too much money on something so dumb"

- How do you know that it was way too much money? do you know what MS's finances are? Do you have access to their ledger books? You don't know sh1t. You are just speculating that MS spent way too much money. GTA IV is one of the biggest selling games this gen. It helped MS get the 360's name more publicized and took OVER half of the total sales of GTA IV onto the 360 which was an exclusive title that was to be on the PS3 where it would have all the sales. Smart move on MS.

sikbeta2839d ago

Whoa... That's a LOT OF MONEY... $_$

@[email protected]


renegade2839d ago

No a lot for microsoft.LOL

SuperStrokey11232839d ago

75m is alot for any company.

AngelorD2839d ago

I'm sure bill's doormat costs twice as much

silvacrest2839d ago

if only that was relevant in anyway

oh well....

Death24942839d ago


They made that money back and then some. It was a very smart strategic move by Microsoft for the short term gain. The thing is Sony would rather invest that in one of it's many internal studios to provide their devs with vasts amounts of resources. Microsoft first party is nearly none existent, while Sony's first party are placed on another level. If you're an internal studio of Sony nowadays, you're expected to outperform the previous exclusive Sony releases.

Fishy Fingers2839d ago

I dont see how they could of made that money back. They wouldnt of made anything close to that from the software sales nor hardware the game pushed. You could argue that a console sold through GTA will continue to turn a profit as the new owner is likely to buy more games and perhaps Live.

But $75m? I struggle to grasp them making that back, I'd of thought if the info is accurate (which it probably isnt) it was more a move to not only attract people to their console, but turn people away from Sonys.

tinybigman2839d ago

As I. Still bought it for PS3 because the controller felt right for me.

BRG90002839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

Really? At $5-10 licensing income per copy sold times 7.5 million copies sold, plus the cut from DLC sales and other positive effects such as system sales? It seems likely to me that it paid of pretty well.

Solidus187-SCMilk2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

I wouldnt be surprised if they paid. But dont take any figures that PATCHER gets from where ever he get his usually wrong/unprovable predictions.

I dont think anyone even reads the story...I dont beleive that this many people all of the sudden care what patcher has to say after all the wrong stuff he says all the time. Most of his predictions that are not wrong cant be proven right either. KInda like this. Unless Rstar or MS tell you how much they paid.

Fishy Fingers2839d ago

Yeah fair play, I suppose they might of profited rather well from it. Do they make as much as $10 per copy? I didnt realise it was so high.

BRG90002839d ago

To be honest I pulled the $5-10 number out of nowhere, it might not be that high. But when these companies sell the consoles for sometimes over $100 loss, the income per game must be pretty significant or there is no way they would recoup that loss in the long run.

The Maxx2839d ago

There is no doubt that MS not only made the money back, but it also helped MS in establishing the 360's name in the gaming market. Remember New york and all the advertisements? They only had the 360 logo on them.

MS gained market share AND profits for the deal. No doubt in my mind.

Denethor_II2839d ago

The margin of profit for video games is extremely low.

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Convas2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

But then I saw the name Pachter.

I then said "Oh Please", and moved on with my life.

BeaArthur2839d ago

They really should put his name at the start of every title so that way we know not to waste our time reading past the title.

The Wood2839d ago


If patcher tells me to run

......ill duck