New Super Mario Galaxy 2 video (transmission 12)

Nintendo has released a brand new video of Super Mario Galaxy 2.

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Ziriux2871d ago

Yeaaaaaa another Mario transmission.

Valay2871d ago

I wish Nintendo did more of these for their other games. Like Other M, for instance.

GUCommander2871d ago

Can't wait for this game!

mjolliffe2871d ago

Seriously anticipating this one :)

Valay2871d ago

We are less than two weeks away now!

colonel1792870d ago

I'm dying!

I need it NOW!.. I'm getting a brand new black wii just for SMG 2 (and also, to replace my old wii that had to sell) :D

gameseveryday2871d ago

Mario come! here You come hopping and dancing!

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