Obama Drama: Technology and the President D'Oh!

The GoozerNation teams present an op-ed piece on what the President's comments really mean to Americans.....The President is not just attacking our rights to use technology as we see fit--for gaming, social interaction, information gathering, etc. He is implying that we as Americans need guidance, someone or something watching over us and helping us to find the right information....As for video games, they are fun, it's like watching television for some people. It is a way to relax. To some, games can be a distraction but they also improve hand-eye coordination. Simulations are developed for soldiers and pilots to use, to better prepare them for military service, just look at the Moves Institute....

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bgrundman2989d ago

It seems kinda like he has been anti-games for a while.

JimmyJames702989d ago

Yeah, but why lump in iPods in the mix? That speech really didn't make much sense.

averyzoe2989d ago

I find it interesting that the President is bashing when technology when it was such a factor in him winning the Presidency in the first place.

wondroushippo2989d ago

Yeah, this feels a LOT like biting the hand that feeds you, Mr. Obama.

For once I'd like a leader who isn't a technophobe.