The Most Annoying And Most Satisfying Levels Of This Generation

Design and rhythm are integral to making you feel interested in a particular game. If a level is cleverly design, you’ll play it and enjoy it. If not, you will probably slam the controller somewhere and swear not to play that game ever again. This is not a matter of difficulty, but of creativity and wittiness from the developers.

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gypsygib2869d ago

I like the articles idea, but disagree completely with the list. I think any level in Halo 3 where your constantly fighting the flood is the most annoying

SnuggleBandit2869d ago

i disagree too, mainly with the statement about the no russian mission. It completely made me sick to my stomach

Aphe2869d ago

I disagree with his comment about that as well. The purpose of the mission was to show you how evil the guy was, and it would have probably affected a lot of people the way that it did with you z-hayden, to make you feel sick about it. It did with me anyway.

kneon2869d ago

I found the "no russian" level highly annoying because it wouldn't let me kill the terrorists.

presto7172869d ago

I just cannot stand that level. I would have preferred the final world to be something bright like Boletaria or the Shrine of storms not that freaking dark swamp with Depraved ones and plague babies trying to kill you.

That sh*t is creepy. Not to mention hard as f*ck.

Selen Vinland = Impossible (without cheap arrow tactic)

AKS2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

Most finish 1-4 last. World 5 isn't difficult with a Faith build and the Adjudicator's Shield. The only thing that's really tough are those awful trolls. Use arrows and stealth to take them out easily. BP trolls are vicious if you are fighting pure melee, though.

BP Selen is the toughest BP in the game, so yes, she's hard. I took her out legitimately with Very Large Swords and pole arms without too much trouble. Lure her to a patch of land where you have a chance to move around.

Bits-N-Kibbles2868d ago

If Demon's Souls did not make the list I would call the list FUBAR. No doubt this was one of the hardest worlds. I just picked it up again today and I'm on my second time around, now just noticed that all enemies are harder to kill and take more of my health. It's like all my weapons don't do sh*t. Addicting though.

xabmol2868d ago

I just kept her pinned down with my Dragon Bone Smasher. Love that weapon!

meatnormous2868d ago

I love hearing people complain about that level.

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darkequitus2869d ago

I agree with Halo 3. I hate anything flood in those game. Got too frustrated to complete that on Legendary, so I dropped back down to Heroic.

I could also mention numerous level in COD:5 on veteran. Trying to kill the sniper and constantly setting shot the soon I move.

3 leaf clover was a great mission.
Locomotion had a few cheap deaths, but after COD:5, it was not that bad
Maybe I was lucky but I managed to save everyone on the ME2 suicide mission - with two saves on the final decision re the elusive man

Army of two:40th Day on contract had too long a gap between certain checkpoints

ThdeGreatestOne2868d ago

Locomotion wasn't even that hard, beat it on Hard and it wasn't even that hard. I'll tell you what game was hard, each level was frustrating on the highest difficulty and that was Call of Duty: World at War, stupid grenade spams and 2 hit kills, it was so bullshit. Some levels in LittleBigPlanet are hard too and frustrating.

huzzaahh2868d ago

I beat Uncharted 2 on Crushing and I had minimal difficulty on all of the levels.
Locomotion was a cakewalk compared to World at War on Veteran, as you said.

Angrychinchilla2868d ago

Plus, he lists "a million helicopters firing missiles at you"

...There was one helicopter in that level :P

That level was satisfying for me if anything on crushing.

BannedForNineYears2868d ago

Uncharted 2 was easy on crushing. -_-
Train level was easy.

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FENDR2869d ago

where is the killzone 2 ending. getting to radec was a bitch

presto7172869d ago

There is also that part where you have to hold Helghan Square and like 3 big guys show up. On Elite I was like WTF?!!

Or the part you have to push the convoy forward across the bridge. It took me days just to get to the freaking checkpoint alive.

Everything is so hard on Elite. Right now I'm stuck at the final act after coming so far.

AKS2868d ago

On Elite, the end is of course brutally hard.

Although far less challenging by comparison, just from an annoyance factor I greatly disliked that bit where you're on that cart on Elite. Nowhere to go.

presto7172868d ago

Its counter intuitive, but the trick is to engage the helghast BEFORE the cart starts moving. You'll need good accuracy to headshot them before they find cover. If you dont kill off a substantial number by the time the cart starts moving then you're pretty much f#%^ed.

But not being able to move, and being shot from multiple directions makes the screen turn black and white very quickly.

I love that game.

Aphe2869d ago

Three Leaf Clover is probably one of the best missions I've played in any GTA game, maybe because I'm a big fan of Heat, but yeah it was satisfying.

nnotdead2869d ago

to bad its one of the few good missions in the game

snowb4202868d ago

It was by far my favorite mission in GTA IV. Possibly my favorite in any GTA.

Handhelds_FTW2869d ago

The article author didn't play Ninjabread Man, as each stage on that game is "annoying".

Kakihara2869d ago

Buh ??? Zuh ???? mwuh ??? Uncharted 2 train level as one of the most annoying levels this generation ??? Wha ???

I'd expect it to be either 1 or 2 on the list of most satisfying but it blows my mind to think anybody found that level annoying. I mean even if you liked it but just found it a little difficult, I still don't get that. The ease of all but the very last few levels was one of the only flaws I could find with Uncharted 2. Whenever I put Uncharted 2 on for a quick twenty minute play through that's the level I skip straight to.

huzzaahh2868d ago

Uncharted 2 is one of the easiest games (on its highest difficulty setting compared to other games on highest difficulty) I've played. I had next to no difficulty in any of the levels, and I beat Lazarovic on my first try on Crushing.

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