Alan Wake Special Edition unboxing

Nukezilla's Matt writes:

"I just received the limited edition of Alan Wake this morning, and suffice to say, I absolutely love the thing. As soon as I opened it up and checked it all out I felt that it was within my duty as a games blogger to share it with you, in the event that you may be shaky over spending the extra £10/$15 on this version of the game."

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verygoodyear2964d ago

I'm torn on this game. I like the idea of it, but I can imagine it being very dull.

Nice seeing a high-quality special edition though. Better than spending £10 for some rubbish unlock code.

Christopher2964d ago

It's a very nice and very appropriate to the game special edition. I'm still biting my nails on whether I should get it or not just because of the SE is really nice, but what's holding me back is my huge queue of other games and the massive amount of games coming along that I really really want to play.

Damn having to work for a living, wish I could play all the games I want :(

verygoodyear2963d ago

I was excited 10,000 years ago when they announced it. Now I'm just a bit "meh" towards it.

Ghoul2964d ago

dont be a fool buy the game.

i have it SE version. And all i can say I love it, in fact i totally fell in love with it.

the SE is great too.

IdleLeeSiuLung2964d ago

That is a pretty nice LE. The only issue I see is why did they give us such a crappy case for the game? Give us at a minimum a real case that fits in with the rest of my collection.

... or better yet make it a steelbook!

Spydiggity2964d ago

watch the bright falls mini series. it's nuts. it convinced me that the game is worth is for the atmosphere alone.

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triumphofhearts2964d ago

I'm not really into tins. They're just more expensive and drop in value almost immediately. Still, this one looks pretty nice.

GameOn2964d ago

It's not a tin, it's card.

DannyVenom2964d ago

I am shaking just thinking about Alan Wake. When you open the box, does mist creep out?

evildeli2964d ago

That's a pretty cool lookin box. Might have to put it on my bookshelf instead of my game shelf.

pr0digyZA2964d ago

Looks like a very good limited edition. Much better than a thought.My best thing is the in game commentaries I love how Valve implemented that so seeing that in Alan Wake would warrant me playing through twice I cant wait. If you pre-order where I am it comes cheaper than the standard edition so no questions asked.

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The story is too old to be commented.