South African retail shuns Xbox 360

A leading South African distributor has told MCV that many of the country’s major retailers refuse to stock Xbox 360 consoles due to reliability concerns and the infamous Red Ring of Death (RROD).

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squallsoft2807d ago

I heard the same thing was happening in Germany. Wow Microsoft, just, WOW... Please don't RUSH the 720 to Market just to beat Sony and Nintendo. You're doing your loyal fans a disservice...

biggame9012807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

Agreed. I'm fairly certain with the backlash Microsoft has gotten over their hardware issues, the next XBox won't be rushed out. Because if it has the same reliability problems, they won't receive the same pass they got for this, and no warranty they produce will be able to save them either.

And artsaber, I completely agree. Neither Sony nor Nintendo would have gotten off with this many hardware issues. Microsoft was given a free pass, and whatever backlash was received should have been worse.

artsaber2807d ago

Fans are also doing themselves (and Microsoft) a disservice by supporting garbage hardware. Instead of complaining, most 360 fans have been holding the console in high regards ignoring the well documented and proven problems this console has.

Even people on their 5th or more console support the 360. And biggame901 mentions the basklash, well, it hasn't been enough if you ask me. There is NO WAY Sony coulda got away with such a shoddy build. The media and the consumer has let Microsoft pass on this problem without any good reason.

I will wait YEARS after launch before I would even consider buying the "720". I may miss out on some gaming, but dammit, I won't be had by crap hardware again.

red2tango2807d ago

agreed. if sony had this problem we'd have "sony is doomed" articles. oh wait - they found a reason to bitch at sony's sales. guess sony will always be the best, and most hated.

HolyOrangeCows2807d ago

A big problem is that the 360 is targeted at apathetic/ignorant kids and parents.

Jack_Klugman2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

right and the PS2 didnt have shoddy hardware.. artsaber you must be new to gaming. dre errors i saw first hand and everyone is still supporting them like nothing happened. hyprocrites.

Yes, im sure all those news articles and repair guides(kinda reminds me of something else.. hmm) are just for 360 fanboys??

bootsielon2807d ago

Compared to 360's. It's funny how the only ones with issues are 360 fanboys. lmfao

Ninjews2807d ago

is that ms had over a 60% fail rate. All electronics fail, but when a company releases hardware with that high of a fail rate it's [email protected]#$%! I never even heard of the ps2 problems to well after RROD story broke.

bviperz2807d ago

Agree, I'll probably wait a few before picking up the next gen MS console. I wouldn't be surprised if it came out early too.

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SonyOwnsNextYear2807d ago

you will be able to play all the microsoft games on your pc. you know, just like this gen. funny how all the people that used to disagree with me are no longer around.

Kurylo3d2807d ago

funny.. here i thought the lastest halo games werent on the pc lol

lowcarb2807d ago

It would be very wise to take your time MS and get it right this time. Go forward (not backwards this time)and give your fans a reason to stay behind you. As much as I love my 360 I gotta admit the red ring fiasco was a terrible experience. Luckily my brother and step son have not had any issues for the past two years.


That is the problem when Microsoft design a console with the worst technical failure in the history of Gaming.

BattleAxe2807d ago

Its about time retailers started looking after their customers interests. South Africa FTW!

sinncross2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

I am South African and there is some truth to these claims.
Recently 360 stock has gone up (the bundles from Forza etc) but you never see other stores (that sell HDTV's for instance) ever using the 360 for displays.

They either use PS3's or Wii's to showcase the TV's.

But South Africa is a smaller region... last I recall the PSP sells better then the DS here, but Sony and Nintendo seem to be doing fine here.

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ClownBelt2807d ago

They should have done this right from the beginning.

bobdog6262807d ago ShowReplies(12)
Nathan Drake22807d ago

why sony had pull out vaio computers with broken batteries but microsoft didn't have to pull out x360 with 100% failure rate.

Jack Klugman2807d ago ShowReplies(8)
Godmars2902807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

Don't think Xbox 360s had a tendency of blowing up or just catching on fire, dude.

As is, its bad enough that there were reports that RRoD happened anywhere from 30% to 70% and there was no official backlash.

Thought that was just a recycled rumor fro the Xbox1 days.

erathaol2807d ago

The failure rate is not that high. The highest test failure rate was around 35% the lowest was around 8-10%. The reason why Microsoft chose not to recall the Xbox 360 was the same reason why it was rushed out so early, to capitalize on early sales.

Microsoft pretty much did the math on this and figured out that getting an early foothold into the next generation would have been more cost effective than recalling the first line of Xbox360's. For the most part it worked out and American consumers are none the wiser. The 3-year warranty helped ease the minds of many who knew and is a inexpensive policy to take considering the alternative.

Jack_Klugman2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

OMG I am trolling because I speak the truth and just dont let the lies and distortions come out of you people.

LostDjinn: that link doesn't say anything about a lawsuit forcing them to do the warranty. what the heck are you trying to prove with that?

"As a result of what Microsoft views as an unacceptable number of repairs to Xbox 360 consoles, the company conducted extensive investigations into potential sources of general hardware failures,"

Where does it say lawsuit again?

ALFAxD_CENTAURO: Same thing to you. this is a discussion about a lawsuit to force ms to cover the system that didnt happen. reading comprehension.

like i said i am not denying RROD or that it is epic fail.. just that it is not %100! %100 by law would force a recall. now I know you all play for the sony team but are you really going to agree with %100 failure rate? so far every one of you seem to be.

now takes these bubbles away too because its the only way i will stop owning you. and you all cant seem to manage a debate that goes beyond 1 comment.

i dont agree or find the rrod acceptable at all! but i also dont want to see the facts twisted. i have no problem with SA shunning Xbox that is their right. if my xbox has a rrod then i will deal with it then for now its been working fine for 4 years. %100 failure rate is a lie and that is what got me started here.

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BeaArthur2807d ago

I'm just going to make a quick run through the pending list and go ahead and report all of these articles. Enough is enough.

playstation_clan2807d ago

this console has the biggest failure rate in electronics and letting Microsoft slide would make them win

dont hide the facts, if ps3 had 360s failure rate, it would be on every news site ever imagined. microsoft doesnt get/should a free pass.

Doletskaya2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

The amount of 360s sold in America is almost twice the amount of PS3s sold there,and yet the weekly software sales for different consoles are extremely close. Wonder Why?

Army_of_Darkness2807d ago

everyone who bought a 360... had to buy it at least twice!!! my gawd! this is insanity people!!!

bobdog6262807d ago

Maybe that's because they like the 360 that Much.Its not Insanity that keeps them comming back it's the Game's and the Online and the controllers.It just Feels Right.

Army_of_Darkness2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

If I had a collection of games on my 360(example) and it died on me.. I would be F#@Kin' pissed off! and as much as I would rather switch to a different console, I would have no choice but to get another 360 simply because if I don't, all my 360 games will be useless...

but if it messes up the second time... it would be best to take your loses and move on to better things;)

mac_sparrow2807d ago

"It just Feels Right."

That sounds more like an advert for featherlite durex than it does the 360

Hotel_Moscow2807d ago

theres a rumour going around that says no matter how many 360s sale the amount of players online never increases

presto7172807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

I have reason to believe the rumour is true.

bobrea2807d ago


You missed the point. People shouldn't be forced to buy another console because of faulty hardware.

Meryl2807d ago

@army i expect to see you onlin PSN in six months time then:):)

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