EA Investigating Skate 3 Online Issues, Gamers Are Still Mad

Everything leading up to the release of Skate 3 was all about online play and it doesn’t even work. We understand the first day, or the second day, but the third day? EA is currently “investigating” the online issues but it took three days for them to acknowledge the problem.

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qwertyuiopasdfghjkl2986d ago

EA multiplayer enabled games seem to have been having a ton of issues lately. I'm sick and tired of Bad Company 2 servers kicking me to the menu. After a beta, demo, and few months being released, you'd think BC2's problems would be nonexistent, but they aren't.

ranivus2986d ago

I mean comon its effing multiplayer. Sure it sucks but its going to get fixed in a few days or whatnot. Sure it sucks waiting but seriously if a moron sues over stupid shit like this all the time, people would be millionaires.

People screaming "FIX THIS!!" all the time are annoying as hell. Thats all you see in the forums. 'This don't work' or 'That don't work' its life. Shit hasn't been perfect since the 8-bit nintendo days. Its easy to find bugs in a few hundred lines of code... try to find and fix bugs in a few billion lines of code.

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl2986d ago

DICE had in house testers for BC2, a public beta, a MP demo, and a few months full retail release...

Pretty sure it should work by now.

Lets see... 9 of my close gaming friends bought BC2. The game is an excellent shooter. Amazing graphics, kickass mechanics, etc

8 stopped playing due to lag, connection errors, etc


gcolley2986d ago

gamers are never happy