Classic Game Room: Siren: Blood Curse Review

"Blood Curse is the third game in Sony's survival horror series Siren a.k.a. Forbidden Siren. Like previous games in the series, Blood Curse takes inspiration from Japanese horror films such as The Ring and The Grudge."-Christian Ljungqvist

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Chubear2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

Still too creepy for me to complete it. I'll give it another go some night when I'm not feeling too girlish :( lol

zootang2930d ago

LMAO!! chu no kidding i can't complete the game for the same reason. I don't think it's scary but it makes me scared. The Atmosphere is just a little too creepy

Kleptic2930d ago

For me it was a pretty fun game, and I agree with the review...very above average production for a downloadable game...but if falls into the same category Warhawk did, its not exactly a downloadable title, with disc versions available (everywhere for warhawk, Japan only for Blood Siren iirc)...

its definitely creepy...I did not like the wierd mind control stuff though, where you had to look through the eyes of the infected or whatever...the grain filter makes it almost useless, and you have to tediously stay in their view to anticipate their movements and use horrible red and blue crosses to try to figure out where you are in relation to the zombie...

but some of the game is simply f'd up...the wierd upside down clown person thing in the shanty/circus town area...wierded me out big time...and the bastard is fast too...

I loved that the game really isolated you though...where you were extremely dangerous with a good weapon, but helpless the rest of the time...creating a great mix of action and stealth gameplay...the episode where you play as the little girl and have to constantly hide from who was once her protector was memorable...

yeah visually the game is a bit dated now, but was decent at the time...great lighting from the flashlights and ambience...but overall it seems to be pretty low resolution, and EXTREMELY dark...and upping the brightness just washes it out, doesn't really help anything (as the game renderer doesn't actually render anything in some of the darker areas, they are literally just black voids...turning up the brightness doesn't do anything because there simply isn't anything but clipping scripts)...add on top of that a grain filter with trailing and there are parts of the game where you simply can't make out even the most obvious of landmarks...

definitely worth checking out though if you never have...easily one of the scariest games i've ever played...but definitely not the best survival horror game ever made...

stuntman_mike2930d ago

yeah I still haven't completed it yet partly being due to it creeps the hell out of me and the fact I to many games to catch up on.

excellent game and recommended to all survival horror fans, hope they make another one.