Hands On: Joe Danger

"Hello Games’ ballsy, confident forthcoming digital download is an absolute treat. With eye popping colour and crisp, solid graphics Joe’s rotund, aging gut is a visual treat the likes of which the PSN is sorely missing. Of course, the Xbox 360 already has a bike-based platform title, but Joe Danger leaves behind the static, dark confines that wrapped around Trials HD and presents a charming, compelling character-focused take on the genre."

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Orange2964d ago

Is this PSN exclusive? A commenter mentions xbox buttons in a youtube video, but can't watch youtube at work.

I hate to deprive xbox gamers, but I'm bummed xbox keeps certain exclusives to themselves and wish a little schadenfreude on them.

eggbert2964d ago

Believe it's coming out for PS3/PC. Timed exclusivity for the PS3 though, PC version is coming out later.