NXT Gamer: 4 of the Best Xbox LIVE Indie Games

A few weeks ago, NXT’s Graydon did a list of top 10 Indie games for PC. Though arguably the home of independent gaming, there is plenty to be had outside of Audiosurf, Machinarium and the like. The 360 has had its own little market plugging away for a while now.

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KieranD2991d ago

Baby Maker really is mental...

darthv722991d ago

it is a 3d rails space shmup that you can play with anaglyph glasses (red/blue) or you can play it with your eyes crossed (that is a trip).

Simple, easy to play even without the 3d and addictive.

creatchee2991d ago

I like ezmuze+ hamster edition - you can make electonica tracks with an easy to use, yet surprisingly powerful interface

Jack Klugman2991d ago

indie games has really taken off and its amazing the community is making full blown games you can buy. there are a lot more than 4 worthy of a purchase that is for sure and nice to see ms blazing the trail again with the tools they provide the community.

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The story is too old to be commented.