Mass Effect 2 Next DLC “Overlord” Detailed & Priced

Bioware shed us some light today with more information on the story behind the upcoming downloadable content for Mass Effect 2.

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ShadyDevil2992d ago

Although i have yet to play this game.

MightyMark4272992d ago

Hopefully the DLC will last me for hours... =/

TehGamersHub2992d ago

Wicked. Something to get me back into the game.

MightyMark4272992d ago

yep, it gives me another reason to go back and play it again ^^

NYC_Gamer2992d ago

mass effect 2 needs one of those story expansion packs like dragon age...

BeaArthur2992d ago

I think I am going to finish my current play through and then wait until all the DLC comes out and start a new character.

Enate2992d ago

That's why I haven't played again, after the second character and all this other little dlc spread out everywhere. It kinda felt pointless for me to do my full complete run for the 3rd and final time when I would probably end up missing a bunch more of the DLC. Personally as far as this little armor giving stuff goes I'd rather just have my armor like it was in ME1 and the Customization of ME2.

BeaArthur2992d ago

Agreed, but I only have 1 more loyalty mission and then the final level. Very close to completing it on Insane and then I will do one more play through on hard again after all the DLC is available.

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