THQ Fails to Deliver

Back in February, it was announced that those early copies of Darksiders that came with a special slip of paper with a promo code on them would grant buyers a free copy of Red Faction: Guerrilla, as well as a “digital Hellbook” full of Darksiders artwork. That hasn't exactly proved to be the case.

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mcgrawgamer2807d ago

got my copy. but it was the ps3 version

Whitefeather2807d ago

Yeah mine was the PS3 version too.

booni32806d ago

and you both had xboxes? bullshit.

mcgrawgamer2806d ago

i purchased darksiders for the ps3 but I requested red faction for the 360 and still received the ps3 version. check my bio before you accuse me of anything tool.

booni32805d ago

what are you talking about? i said that it was bullshit for them to give you copies of a game for a console you dont own. whats with the name calling??

PirateNinjaBunny2806d ago

PS3 version. It took a bit longer than expected and I received no confirmations of any sort so I thought I had somehow missed the deadline. But one day I got a random package and sure enough there was RFG.

Gotta say that I enjoyed both games a lot althought I'm sure that had something to do with the price (40 and free).

xabmol2806d ago

Oh well, I alredy rented RFG and I returned Darksiders for $ towards Heavy Rain. Not much of a loss to me, but a free game is a free game. And I was getting close to that platinum on RFG too. =/

Dioxinis2806d ago

i got mine within the time they had said

hellbook was awesome

I wanted Red faction anyway so getting it free was a big plus

this is just unnecessary rage against thq =(

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The story is too old to be commented.