Project Natal for Xbox 360 Experience E3 2010 - Special Announcement

Gamertag Radio writes: An email sent by Microsoft today with more details about their Project Natal "world premier" event taking place during E3 2010: "A Spectcaular Live Performance imagined by Cirque Du Soleil."


The official press release added: "MTV Networks and Cirque du Soleil Partner with Microsoft for E3."

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LordMarius2986d ago

Cirque Du Soleil? What do they have to do with gaming?

Chubear2986d ago Show
doG_beLIEfs2986d ago

I hope I am wrong...but it appears more and more that MS is going after Nintendo with Natal. They must have realized or the developers told them that hardcore games using the PS Natal is NOT possible. Having a performance by Cirque Du Soleil IMO means more distractions from the limitations that Natal will have...just MO...but if Natal was everything that MS said at last years E3...why all the fluff?

Damn Marius....down to 2 bubbles already?

Hallmark Moment2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

"Damn Marius....down to 2 bubbles already?"

I'm sure trolling 360 articles doesn't help things out. Speaking of the same haters. The Irony.

The problem with celebs is you support a show that does not have them lol. You're bothered because Sony has nothing that people and celebs are excited about.

blusoops2986d ago

Most celebs get PAID to get excited in front of cameras. Just saying...

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sxpacks2986d ago

Now when then Avatar contorts, MSFT can say it was done intentionally. With that said, I hope Natal has figured out "normal range of motion" for people is.

GAM3R7l2986d ago

Can you repeat ENGLISH?

Mc Fadge2986d ago

"Now when the Avatar contorts, Microsoft can say it was done intentionally. With that said, I hope Natal has figured out the "normal range of motion" for people."

Christopher2986d ago

I'm not going to jump to conclusions so early, but this is a very very bad omen of things to come with Natal. This just screams of all bark and no bite and an attempt to market something so hard and in a manner not in line with their typical audience because it's not living up to what they originally promised.

Now, listen folks, this is what Obama has been talking about. Don't be easily sold into the fireworks show and pay attention to the actual product.


4Sh0w2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

Well of course sony fans would jump to the conclusion that this is a negative before even seeing the performance and how it will be shown WITH Natal.

I'm betting 90% of the 360 fans will have a positive reaction to microsofts E3 showing, while 99% of the sony fans will have a negative reaction. It's hard to take anything said in the comments section seriously when it seems everybody already has their minds made up about both companies. (on n4g)

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Biggest2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

This is the same thing I posted in the other, probably rejected, circus thread:

Oh my GOD! Are these people serious? The Natal, which is currently the video game king of smoke and mirrors, is being presented with a presentation by Cirque Du Soleil, who are actual kings of smoke and mirrors? I know Microsoft is big on duping their supporters, but can't they find a more subtle way of doing it? That being said. . . Go check out Zumanity and O if you're ever in Vegas. Excellent shows.

Edit: Yeah because only paid actors and performers know how to really find the sweet spot for Natal. Jack, calm down a bit. There is nothing wrong with you being a 360 fanboy. But you don't have to jump to defend things that are obviously silly. All we can talk about is what we have seen. We have seen a big comedy. I'm laughing at every turn. If they show up to E3 with the world beating technology that they're saying they have, I will have to eat my words and join the converted. But until then. . . BAM! There's the bottom of my shoe!

Chubear2986d ago

MS are now just blatant with it lol

Jack Klugman2986d ago ShowReplies(6)
Sheikh Yerbouti2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

if they were actual games? I've seen Cirque du Soleil, and I'm not doing flips and cartwheels in my living room even if Natal could motion capture it.

Just show us some games MS. Sony can do that, why can't you?

ajlopo2986d ago

yeah Sony shows us games that don't come out for years...

inveni02986d ago

It will be interesting to see why, exactly, they've invited this "team" to help with the presentation. I have no doubt in my mind that Natal can track arm and leg movements. What I question, however, is its ability to be a lead input device on a game that requires more than waving and stomping to play.

inveni02986d ago

Sony, as far as I'm concerned. Showing the Move as a lightsaber was enough for me. I also think they won in terms of "upcoming attractions", as well.

GAM3R7l2986d ago

Was it really necessary to copy/paste that garbage, and post it TWICE?

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zootang2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )


probably the same as Yoko Ono and Spielberg

BubbleSystemSuck2986d ago ShowReplies(2)
KillerPwned2986d ago

Wow....I would expect MS to come up with a better way to present their product. This is just messed up i think.

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