5 Ways To Improve Demon’s Souls 2

It's been rumored that 2009's award winning sleeper hit, Demon's Souls will be getting a sequel. These rumors are still unconfirmed by both Sony and FROM SOFTWARE but if there is a sequel in development here are a list of things I'd love to see implemented in the next game.

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Chubear2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

Interesting read. I didn't even know Sony and From Software were at disagreement on difficulty settings for the sequel. I'd say there certainly should be a difficulty setting but only two settings.

For instance, during the end of the tutorial run (like the gateway before the 1st boss that sends you to the Nexus in DS1), there could be two gateways with an NPC before them telling you about the gateways.

One that reads "Walking with Demons" and the NPC saying "Uhm, you look like you've got soft hands. Enter this gate and enjoy yourself slaying demons". While another gate reads "Demon Slayer" and an NPC says "Wish to slay demons? Well, the true Demons Souls starts here" *a well known mgs from DS1*

The easy mode will be offline single play ONLY, with probably a lot of NPC blue phantoms appearing and helping you out once in a while and no up-scaling of difficulty when you die in body form; instead you just lose the ability to have NPC Blue Phantoms help you out.

Please, just keep the game's original difficulty for all those fans that made a sequel possible... heck, I won't mind if it was a tad bit more challenging than DS1.. yes, I've become a glutton for pain :(

Kleptic2904d ago

this game came in completely under my radar...and I still have yet to try it really that great?...all I ever hear consistantly is that its extremely hard...but I to this day don't even fully understand what it is...i'll check out some reviews I guess, looking for some older titles i ended up missing for whatever reason...

Orange2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

yes, it's really that great. the difficulty is way overstated. it's not extremely just takes extreme care. you can't be reckless, you have to pay attention to every fight.

i agree with the commenter in the article, the multiplayer aspect will not allow for adjustable difficulty.

the only thing i agree with in the article is the need for larger environments. everything else, warts and all, should stay the same. it is lightning in a bottle and you don't want to mess with the ingredients.

Vinster2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

Its an addicting game the way the game is designed now. I wouldn't want to see any drastic changes at all.

Chubear2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

But it's not really hard but more challenging.

You're going to get your arse handed to you on golden platter a lot and everytime you may want to blame the game and cry "cheap!" you'll know it was YOUR fault, your error and you can't deny it.

However, the day you face that Red Eye NPC that's been kicking you butt over 100times and he strikes, you block and THIS time, he bounces off your shield and shows vulnerability

... at that instant when that evil grin cracks across your face as your Dragon Katana steadies for the kill and the thoughts of pure hot revenge flash across your mind as you whisper the words "Oh yeah, who's your daddy now, B*TCH!"

THEN is when you know, the Demons have got you. You are now like all the other damned souls in Boleteria, a Demon Soul whore and you love it! You shall hunger for it like never before lol

TheTwelve2904d ago

Give me more story and personality and that's it. Keep it nice and hard.


ThanatosDMC2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

1. Screw having an easy mode. That's compromising what Demon's Souls was when it came out. We love the game for its difficulty. It's not a game for everybody and i like it to stay that way.

2. Yeah, i'd agree with more story cutscenes mainly because DS1 cutscenes were perfectly made.

3. The fact that your character is quiet was perfect.

4. Having no music in DS1 was perfect until the boss. It keeps the dark atmosphere intact. Remember 3-1 or was 4-1... anyway, the prison place. I always have my shield up and walking slowly... damn pit falls.

5. Yeah, bigger environments without linearity would be great. Also let there be upto 3 blue phantoms maybe 1-2 black phantoms. If there's 4 good guys then let the black phantoms become even stronger.

They need to have more weapons, more armor sets, a better magic animation or whatever you call it, better and stronger bosses as you go to NG++++, a lot more random sub-bosses, better brutal enemy AI, dont let bosses die with using cheap arrow shots from afar, etc.

Ghost_Sparta2903d ago

Uau, man! Exactly what I have in my mind! Agree whith you in every point!

FACTUAL evidence2904d ago

I love DS, but i really hope part 2 gets these.

1. PVP worlds- A server where you can run around, and kill anything!! You don't have to be a certain level, or summon, just go wild. 200 people per server.

2. Voice chat- This was sooo irritating. If a BP came to your world while you were summoning, it was hard to tell your partner what he needed to do, or make him aware there was a BP in the area.

3. New stone for partying up- They should make something like lets say the "gray eyed stone". With that you can summon a friend to your group (up to 2) by typing in their online Id's. They get a DS2 invitation in game, and able to accept yes or no.

4. Able to control your souls!- It was a pain to find a really good player just to get split up after the task was completed. Have the ability for the player/partner to stay in the group until he/she decides to leave, or kicked from the group.

5. No team level cap- That was total BS and sometimes not understandable. Make it so that anyone at any level can join each other. Also, just make it that the BP goes by the host level. That would solve problems with over powered BP's. So it will always be balanced out.

Tempist2904d ago

All 5 points in this list contradict the things that made Demon's Souls great. It didn't need a heavy back story, it doesn't need scaling difficulty, the lack of music improved the atmosphere of the game.

If you're going to nag on them about changing something in the game, nag on them about the online aspects. You should be able to hook up with your friends, but the game doesn't need an overhaul.

Demon's souls is a case of less is more.

tda-danny2904d ago

totally agree! Well said. +bubbles =)

tda-danny2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

Pretty much disagree with everything in this article. OK, a few more cutscenes (only a few) would be welcome.

Music during levels would take away from the atmosphere. They omitted music from the a lot of the levels in the first game for a reason.

Difficulty settings? No Thanks!

I honestly wouldn't want huge non-linear worlds. One of the reasons they chose to go linear is because you can open gates and other shortcuts if you happen to die late in the level. Open worlds don't support this (unless there a telelportation system type thing, which I think would be lame). World 5-2 was the only terrible level in the game, because it was open world!

There are open world games out there with the other features you seek. Play them and let Demon's Souls 2 be similar to the first, which is what made it unique and amazing. Honestly I would be happy for more of the same, but a few changes I wouldn't mind:

* More unique weapons & armor (as long as they're balanced).
* NG+ and so on: the drops should be different from your first
playthrough (random drops if you will, after your first game)
* some type of ingame communication with Blue phantoms besides emotes. Text, voice chat, I dont care - just dont make me go to the PS3 menu to type my buddy a message every time.

SaiyanFury2904d ago

I'll agree with the article on a few points, and disagree on others.

Adjustable difficulty? HELL no! FROM doesn't make these games to be easy. Just like the King's Field series that would kick your ass, these games do not need to be easier. How many people who've played Demon's Souls praise it just for being as unforgiving as it is? I count my ranks among them.

Music: I'll agree with that. SoundKIDs, the composers of the King's Field games obviously had influence on Demon's Souls. The Singing Lady in 3-1 was eerily evidence of that. Bring some more music. Although I will admit the lack of music certainly keeps the game atmospheric.

I'll agree with Chubear; if there's an easy mode, keep it offline only. Good call on that part about losing the ability to access blue phantoms. :)

Anon73492903d ago

Difficulty? Change? Scale it?

No, that’s what made Demon’s Souls… “Demon’s Souls.” The difficulty should get more balanced but thats it.

They should improve on their online system that’s already implemented and maybe make it a tad easier/better in that sense.

The music thing? Well that’s just completely retarded. You need to hear your enemies breath and hear everything in Demon’s Souls so you DON’T DIE. Plus it would completely wreck the atmosphere that game has.. if you NEED to listen to music get an iphone or something…

This game has a silent protagonist, you shouldn’t have a voice. Are you gonna ask that Link, Gordan Freeman and other games with silent protagonist all of the sudden get voices?

More cut scenes would be another bad idea, the game is suppose to have very little plot, but tonnes of lore. It’s the kind of game where you learn the story from the gameplay not the cutscenes. It’s similar to portal and other games that like that in that aspect.

What I do agree with though is that the game needs more, and bigger environments but it doesn’t need to be like Dragon Age or Oblivion, it shouldn’t branch too far from what made it great.

This article is pretty stupid, they're pretty much asking Demon's Souls to be like every other game this gen, which is dumb. The reason why we love Demon's Souls is because it's like a PS3 version of a SNES game.

Now I have more than 700hours on Demon's Souls so I think I know what could improve the game better than the author of this article.

1. More Weapons/Magic/Combos/ect
2. Improve the balance of existing weapons/magic/animations/combo s just as you would in a fighting game and make sure everything it proportionate.

- Fists of God should do much more damage considering it's range
- The animation for strong attacks for punching is useless, which makes fist weapons and Hand to hand at a bigger disadvantage
- There should be more weapons with special abilities like cutting through shields, Parrying, Poison, Plague, Bleeding, Wind attack, ect and more abilities
- The way some weapons scale isn't fair, like Firsts of God should be A/A in faith and Strength

3. More bosses, Better Balanced Bosses, More Difficult bosses, Different style of bosses, More mini/sub bosses like the vanguard, ect

4. Graphics update/ Net Code update

5. Lots of stuff can be added and fixed about the online system. A few improvements would be great (ex. Make White Ghosts Useful).

There's lots of ways FROM can improve the game, we can only hope is that they don't wreck it.

AKS2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

Lovely. Get a surprise hit with a difficult Western-style adventure/ RPG that's a smashing critical success and Sony decides the best thing to do is f*** with the difficulty. First they totally screw the pooch by misjudging it's potential for sales and pass on publishing it (they publicly admitted they screwed up), which was a blessing in disguise because Atlus is so awesome and did an outstanding job with it as usual, and now Sony wants to screw around with the level of challenge, which people clearly liked in the original. CAN'T I HAVE ONE FREAKING GAME THAT OFFERS A DECENT CHALLENGE? There are thousands that have been dumbed down for the candyass masses. The difficulty is inextricably linked to the style of gameplay we Demon's Souls fans love. You can't just button mash your way through levels BECAUSE IT IS CHALLENGING. You cautiously use your shield, roll, stealth, and spells BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO IN ORDER TO SURVIVE. I get so sick of this type of nonsense. There are plenty of other weaksause franchises for you to sleepwalk through if you are that mentally weak and ave no skill (or balls). Leave Demon's Souls to those who appreciate it for the masterpiece that it is.

-Alpha2903d ago

Demon's Souls does not need an easy mode. They have world tendencies and that's good enough. Having difficulty options create artificially designed AI that ruins the game IMO. Also, it would divide the online community.

I swear that I have never had any problems with Demon's Souls. They could launch #2 reskinned for all I care and I'll still play it.

But, naturally, there needs to be improvements:

1) Fixing the over-exaggerated physics afters killing or destroying something

2) More of a story would be nice

3) A way to limit magic spam or at least have more enemies/bosses that aren't as susceptible

4) Just give us more, more, more!

My only real issue is that I can spam magic easily at times for victory. It turns the thing cheap. I'd also like easier ways to find friends/people to play with. Hate leaving my Soul sign and having to wait for so long

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Sarevok2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

The only thing I did not like about Demon souls(btw I love the game very much)Is the dragon fights.
Red,Blue and God were all pretty lame next to all the other bosses.

So in short In DS2 I want better dragon fights!

Orange2904d ago

at least the dragons looked cool ;)

Myst2904d ago

At least on par with Dragon Age Origins! Would be nice to see something that could be a mix of Dragon Age Origins and Monster Hunter. Basically scrounging around in places and finding a cannon ball and then loading it into the cannon to fire at the dragon.

Or even finding some loose arrows, bolts, or ballistas on the ground as well to shoot from. Wonder if they will keep the same setting though or push it forward a bit more.

Slient Knight 92904d ago

what about multieplayer system so i can invite my friends and not get some random person and chat as well would be good also.

Myst2904d ago

That would be nice, but that was also the beauty of Demon's Souls. Random strangers helping as well as barging into one's game. I certainly wouldn't mind if they wanted to incorporate something like that, but honestly the way it was implemented in Demon's Souls one was rather good.

Mr_Bun2904d ago

Friend invite and voice chat are at the top of my list!

Pennywise2904d ago

I would like to get rid of the blue souls. They can keep black, but I would like to progress with friends as a blue soul rather than having to play it over.

Besides that Friend Invites and voice chat are very important.

CadDad2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

I think the game would be much worse with voice chat. The whole point of the multi-player was 'not knowing' what the blue or black phantoms were going to do to help or hinder you. You weren't guaranteed that either would do what they were intended.

Not to mention the complete removal of atmosphere when you are voice chatting.


AngryFork2904d ago

Add a lower difficulty option.

Keep the same difficulty for people who want to play that way, but lots of people wanted to enjoy the atmosphere and style of this game without having to re-do entire levels 20+ times.

It was ridiculous. I'd really like a difficulty option.

Umbrella Corp2904d ago

The difficulty level is what made killing a boss and clearing a level feel so rewarding.

AngryFork2904d ago

Which is why I said the same difficulty should stay.

There's literally no reason to be against offering another difficulty level, just don't play on it if you don't want to.

ThanatosDMC2904d ago

No thanks. The difficulty is what made the game so popular. It's not a game for everybody. If they cant play the game, then sucks to be them.

wollie2904d ago

i agree, thought the game was great but I play games to relax and have fun not to get an adrenaline rush and/or a sense of accomplishment. Its great that people who wanted a really hard game for the hardcore got one, but I don't see whats wrong for an optional easier difficult. Maybe the easy mode would not count on leader boards? I would be fine with that.

Dsnyder2904d ago

No offense but its people like you who are ruining video games. The best thing about DS is that it was hard. Beating a level felt like an accomplishment. Like I had done something on my own, without any help from the game. The difficulty is what makes this game. Its a test of your skills as a gamer. If you can beat this game after all it throws at you, it proves you are not the noob casual gamer that most video games want you to be.

ThanatosDMC2904d ago

Completely agree with Dsnyder.

CadDad2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

Put in an 'easy mode' but don't allow a single trophy to be earned by playing on it.

Problem solved.

I say this because my son has zero chance to play Demon's Souls in it's current state. He just can't go anywhere or do anything, he's not good enough. He and others like him shouldn't be robbed of the experience.


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Myst2904d ago

Might as well add more character customization and more weapons as well as some DLC love. From Software had a beautiful gem on their hands and certainly could have expanded with another world and more weaponry. Not that I'm complaining about the game itself, but just saying.

Also the difficulty was not that hard actually. It reminded me of an NES or even SNES game. Just a matter of timing, and remembering it was kind of like a blast from the past with this one.