Iwata: Near-Term Console Obsolescence 'Unthinkable'

Despite cloud-based streaming services like Gaikai and OnLive on the near horizon, home consoles will not become obsolete any time soon, says Nintendo president Satoru Iwata.

Nor is the rise of social gaming on PCs, the audience for which may overlap somewhat with Nintendo's Wii and DS demographic, a threat to the company's hardware, Iwata suggests.

"We do not think that the combination of a game system and dedicated software will last forever," he states in a Q&A session with analysts. "However, we do not believe that hardware dedicated to gaming shall (become obsolete and) perish in a few years. I personally think that kind of scenario is unthinkable."

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The 10th Rider2989d ago

I would always buy hard-copies of games and consoles. Except maybe for hand-helds, though I'd still prefer to buy the game in the store and just copy it to a hard drive in the hand-held.