PS3 software sales outstrip Xbox 360’s; PS3 attach rate up to 8.1

PSUni: There’s a well worn saying that software doesn’t sell on the PlayStation 3, at least in comparison to the Xbox 360. However, things may be changing, since there’s been a significant improvement in both the PS3’s software and hardware sales. Despite a lower installed base, software sales on the PS3 have outstripped that of the Xbox 360 in the fiscal-2009 year.

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Venatus-Deus2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

It's gonna get HOT in here... so take off all your clothes...


@ jahcure

It’s not a higher attachment rate, it’s just the PS3 sold a lot more software in the last 12 months which means its attachment rate has shot up.

Good news for 3rd party developers.

xTruthx2837d ago

Going to get my popcorn for this

darthv722837d ago

Lets look at the first statement a bit: "There’s a well worn saying that software doesn’t sell on the PlayStation 3, at least in comparison to the Xbox 360"

To be honest, it was the issue of GOOD software being available to sell on the ps3 in the early years. Yes that has changed as the ps3 lineup is fantastic. I would expect the attach rate to increase as the number of consoles has increased and the number of quality titles has increased.

360 is going on 5 years in november. Great games have pushed that unit and now that everybody has them, the likely system to purchase to compliment that would be the ps3 and the great titles available as well.

I think the line is really starting to wash away as more people are turning to multiple consoles. Nothing wrong with having more than one as it ensures you are playing great games all around.

If you are a single system owner, more power to you but that is just to limiting to really enjoy what this form of entertainment has to offer. Just my opinion.

maxcer2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

"I think the line is really starting to wash away as more people are turning to multiple consoles. Nothing wrong with having more than one as it ensures you are playing great games all around."

couldn't have said it better myself

FlipMode2837d ago

Impossible PS3 doesn't sell games.

mikeslemonade2837d ago

Umm no it's not going to get hot in here... Ever since the change of N4G the heated debates are gone. It's because it's harder to take bubbles away because you have to choose which reason, and then the reply is just a hassle because it forces you to read more than just the top of the comment section.

Nathaniel_Drake2837d ago

Not for the 360, if you have a good PC there is really no reason to own a 360 except for a few games. The Wii, PS3, and a PC would better a combination. Now that the PS3 has hit a good price point the PS3/PC is better combination than PS3/360

ShinMaster2837d ago

Hmm... I see your point there

dc12837d ago

You my friend deserve a +plus.
All it takes is a little reading & comprehension to put the average hater in a pretzel...

Trey_4_life2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

So it seems the PS3 is starting to show it's legs in this marathon race between micro$oft, $ony and nintendo.

Only problem for sony and nintendo is the release of natal which will attract a lot of casual customers to microsoft, subsequently upping 360 hardware and software sales but with the release of Move then i'm sure sony will also take a majority of the casual market share and more importantly market share from nintendo due to the ps3 being hyped as the Wii HD.

maxcer2837d ago

lol wtf is up with all the disagrees to my comment?

oh i get it, pennyless fanboys who can't afford the best of both worlds.

TheXgamerLive2837d ago

admittedly ps3 software sales are up for the console and that's great but the sites statement is a LIE. Go to an independent sites numbers and see, the Xbox 360's sales are still better. ps3 vs Xbox 360 only not including psp etc...oh well were all used to PS sites lieing anyways by now so fabricate away

HolyOrangeCows2837d ago

"the PS3’s attach rate at an impressive 8.1 copies per console. That’s now in touching distance of the Xbox 360’s 8.8 attach rate"

LOL @ anyone who has said the PS3 doesn't sell software in the past year.

dude_meister2837d ago

PS3 is teh doomed!!111!!


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captain-obvious2837d ago

in here where i live
you can get a 120gigs Xbox elite
with 3 games (forza3 + pure + batman Lego )
for half the price of the PS3 slim

so i think the PS3 is doing great

LeonSKennedy4Life2837d ago

Wait...where do you live? The slim is $300 here. The elite is also $300. Where the frick are you? Lol.

duplissi2837d ago

i too would like to know cause id ebay the suckers..

BigPenguin2837d ago

I am guessing Australia.

bunfighterii2837d ago

I'm in Australia.

A PS3 here is $499AUD, so like $450USD, while a 360 Elite is $399AUD, so $350USD.

sak5002837d ago


Where exactly are you getting this deal? abudabi, dubai or sharjah? cuz i live in dubai and haven't seen any such deal. I bought 2 x 360s from here and last one the MW2 250 gig cost the same as a ps3 slim with 250 gig and i'd prefer 360 over ps3 anytime.

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Brewski0072837d ago

Yup very good news for 3rd party devs. Great news for ps3 owners also, obviously. The more they hear of this the more games will be developed on PS3 and PORTED to 360 rather than visa versa.
Things can only get better :)

UltraNova2837d ago

The Ps3 is poised to dominate everything...It seems Sony's stubbornness in future proof and innovative hardware backed with top of the line 1st party support is indeed the magic recipe!

secksi-killer2837d ago

i disagree. i think it's more like outdated hardware, coupled with motion controls and shed load of party games is the magic recipe.

the ps3 and the 360 are both doing well. but the wii is outstripping (fanboy word of the week!)them both by a long way. not only that, the thing is making money!!

that's why both microsoft and sony have jumped on the motion controls bandwagon!!

UltraNova2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

You're wrong. I was referring to the hardcore part of the game business. Because there can be 100 milion FADs like the Wii but the core which all gaming companies rely on will be the ones who decide with their money what pays and what doesn't in the long run.

Although i am not into these things my self (Natal and Move) one cannot deny the fact that MS and Sony will always offer hardcore content along with them, the same cannot be said about Nintendo. So it all comes down to weighing things and then decide what offers most to you.

Move is just an additional choice not the winning
card into deciding whether I buy a ps3 or not.

Meryl2837d ago

@secksi-killer lol wii will run out of staem in two years time, it's a marathon not a short jog remember, wii and x360 only shot themselves for not investing in better hardware components:):)

RumbleFish2837d ago

@Meryl: but Nintendo took a lot of money from both SONY and M$. This money would partially have been spent on hardcore games instead.
Plus many kids who owned a Wii will never buy a gaming console again (because (Wii)-gaming simply isn't cool) or again buy outdated overpriced tech from Nintendo. Imo Nintendo did a lot of damage to the gaming industry.

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vegnadragon2837d ago

It reminders me of the time that everyone was saying that ps3 was doom from the start.

SonyOwnsNextYear2837d ago

Playstation brand is a powerhouse. The booming sales, reliabililty of the sony console and continued piracy of the microsoft console, are the reasons why developers want to lead on the ps3.

The fat lady is singing in Redmond

sikbeta2837d ago

Great News For The First and Second Party Studios and Third Party Devs as well...

ThanatosDMC2837d ago

Lower install base? Shouldnt it be higher working consoles?

athlon7702837d ago

That has to touch a nerve or two...

dc12837d ago

That's to the point .. .

Bzone242837d ago

so the article is wrong then about the ps3 gaining on the 360's attach rate?

Hanif-8762837d ago

The PS3 had tons of Tripe A exclusives and most multi-platform games have been comparable and some even better than the Xbox360 counterpart. However, with the release of Halo Reach and Gears Of War 3 for the Xbox360 and Gran Turismo 5, LittleBigPlanet 2, Resistance 3 or maybe even Killzone 3. The competition should be fierce this time around, E3 2010 will be good. I hope Microsoft announces an Xbox360 Slim, because i really want a reliable Xbox360 being that i still have a ton of games for it with no working console :-(

vhero2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

Nice about attach rate.. I did notice though when buying games the 360 version of games is usually cheaper than the PS3 version recently (when the game drops to budget price of course not new releases).. Is that because the games on DVD compared to Blu-Ray? Either way multi console owners will buy the 360 version on price point and up there attach rate. Of course the more in the know gamer will prefer the better version and go for that. If there isn't much difference like with Modern Warfare 2 they will get the 360 version £13 difference in UK! The 360 version is £25 and the ps3 version £38. Here is proof..

I don't think Blu ray costs £13 more... I think some company paying the £13 difference....

2837d ago
FACTUAL evidence2837d ago

360 owners don't buy games unless it says Call of duty, halo, or gears of war. Nuff said.

bobdog6262837d ago

But we are getting Game's like Alen Wake and more so Stay Tuned .There is more to Come.

Biggest2837d ago

I really hope Alan Wake sells well. Maybe some other smaller developers will take the time to make more varied games. Shooters are popping up like crab grass.

EVILDEAD3602837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )


CAll OF DUTY: MODERN WARFARE 2..Factual evidence





LMFAO again @ weak attempt to pretend that PS3 owners are different from 360 owners

ok..seriously...I'm done..point made.

And even though the article has already been exposed..heres to the gamers who support both systems' games

Nuff Said


Hotel_Moscow2837d ago

oh snpa evil is right but on xbox 360

other than halo the top games on 360 are

cod mw2
cod mw
grand theft auto 4
cod world at war
gears of war
gears of war 2
halo 3 odst

which would mean other than halo gears is the only thing on top with 360 but other than thos 2 games you get the same thing on ps3 multiplatform games but ps3 has numerous exclusive titles in the list

EVILDEAD3602836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

'which would mean other than halo gears is the only thing on top with 360 but other than thos 2 games you get the same thing on ps3 multiplatform games but ps3 has numerous exclusive titles in the list' picked the top 8 360 games to make your point..what NUMEROUS PS3 'exclusive games' do you find in the top 8..

The PS3 top 8

cod mw2
cod mw
metal gear solid 4
grand theft auto 4
cod world at war
Final Fantasy 13
assassins creed
gran turismo 5: prologue

So other than Metal Gear Solid & Gran Tusismo there are NO other PS3 exclusives in the top 8..

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DaTruth2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

Since your comment got deleted, I will retract mine.

paradigmfellow2837d ago

things are only going to get better for sony.

scofios2837d ago

@Venatus-Deus It's gonna get HOT in here... so take off all your clothes.. ROFL ++ bubble for being funny

scofios2837d ago

Wow people disagree just for the sakeof disagreeing

Millah2837d ago

All I can say is this, I canceled my XBL membership a while ago because I got tired of paying for it and for the past year and a half I've bought all multiplayer/multi-console games on my PS3 instead of 360. In fact, I haven't bought a single game for my 360 in the past year and haven't really used it much. Looking at the 360s lineup, I don't think that will change in the near future either. I might have gotten Halo Reach, but theres no way in Hell I'm going to start paying for XBL again just to play it.

RageAgainstTheMShine2837d ago enjoying a HEALTHY ans Well BALANCED Life ^_^

The controlled hardware output is answered by a good quantity of quality games that PS3 owners actually buy.

The 3rd, 2nd and first party developers and publishers must be very happy to see this results because the art and business of making games has a good future on the PS3 platform.

One big reason that contributes to this health is PS3 anti-piracy meaning every software sold is legitimate and well accounted for. Every cent is earned for the developer and publisher and for SCE.

Another is the high quantity of quality of games spread to many genres and not just FPS or shallow casual games. (But for sure more games for young gamers are greatly welcome on my PS3 system.)

We currently have 7 games at home because we still have to finish some of them. Hope we can keep up with the flood of great games flowing.

Gran Turismo 5 and LBP 2 alone will keep our Holiday season occupied.

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jahcure2837d ago

PS3 has higher attach rate and higher console sales? NO WAY!!

btw even the PS2 outsold the xbox 360 worldwide for Jan-March according to OFFICIAL numbers and no fanboy rant can deny that.

J-M 10' HW

PS3 2.2m

PS2 1.7m

X360 1.5m

PSP 1.4m

PS2 sales worldwide somehow beat PSP (see above) and X360 (1.5m) for the quarter

whateva2837d ago

it's about to hit 150 million sold!

techie2837d ago

Actually I didn't notice that. If it was the PS3 that sold less than the PS2 (as it has before) everybody would be laughing...

IdleLeeSiuLung2837d ago


Sorry, but the game attach rate is as follows:

8.8 Xbox 360
8.1 PS3
7.7 Wii <---- Notice this!

It is good that PS3 attach rate is increasing, but this article is just trying to fan the flames with comments like:

"That puts the PS3’s attach rate at an impressive 8.1 copies per console. That’s now in touching distance of the Xbox 360’s 8.8 attach rate."

If you are goign to mention that, what about the even closer "touching distance" between the Wii and the PS3?

They should just stick to the numbers instead of misleading such as 115 million copies of games sold on PS3 version Xbox 360's 103 million.

thor2837d ago

You need to look at attach rate per year. PS3's is way higher. On average PS3 owners have owned their consoles around maybe 9 months less than 360 owners. Also the attach rate per year has shot up recently. It's that year headstart again skewing the numbers.

waltercross2837d ago

Actually the fact that the Wii has a less attach rate then the PS3 and a higher install base is Disapointing for Wii software wise.

IdleLeeSiuLung2837d ago

With a larger install base it is even harder to get a high attach rate due to the watering down of the group of people you are trying to sell to.

Remember that attach rate is the average number of units sold per console. In this case it is quite remarkable that Wii almost matches Sony with almost twice the user base!


Nobody is denying that Sony had a stellar year with a great and very upbeat future. However, the head start marginally affect the attach rate at best as it is an average. Larger user base means more software needs to be sold to account for this.

techie2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

All the numbers are there mate. Nothing is twisted. PS3 software sales for 2009 outstripped the Xbox 360's by 115 to 103 million despite a higher installed base. The attach rates are ALL included and simply states that the PS3 attach rate is now 8.1. The two statements on software sales and attach rate are mutually exclusive.

Nothing in the article is misleading - they've even included a FULL graph for you to refer to on all the consoles - which is where you are pulling your data from.

4Sh0w2837d ago

PS3 had a great year since the slim. It's impressive that the ps3 software sales improved to 8.1 vs 360 at 8.8 attatch rate. I was reading over the data and looking at the links and I'm just wondering where is the link where they got both the ps3 and 360 fy 2009 sales data from? I see the graph, I'd just like to confirm the totals. If anyone has the link please post it.

Heartnet2837d ago

you can pick up a ps2 for about £30-£50 and an xbox for £150..

RageAgainstTheMShine2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

6 million units to be sold from 2010 to 2011. Dang!

That's over 150 M and more than a billion games sold.
Sony must rethink the life of the PS2.
It has enough mojo to outlast even the 360 and the Wii.

It will be the legend of gaming.

Another reason is the lasting 'APPEAL and MOJO' of the PlayStation brand. The Nintendo brand has universal appeal but same goes for the PlayStation both are household names now.

Also it will be hard to break 16 years of PlayStation tradition.

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saimcheeda2837d ago

the xbox 360 is ahead of the ps3 is because of the one year gap and the smaller price point. If they had been released at the same time and at the same price PS3 would have been way ahead, im not being a fanboy im telling the truth!

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tordavis2837d ago ShowReplies(7)
rexus123452837d ago

compare to 360, this is kind of inevitable. Here is my logic:
since PS3 costs more to buy then Xbox360, it's a logical to assume people who bought it are willing to spend more money on gaming, that means PS3 owners would buy more games then Xbox360 owners if there are equal number of games released on both consoles. So in theory, by the time PS3's hardware sales catches up, PS3 will see a higher attach rate than Xbox360, but then again, the upcoming motion controls for both consoles might mess up this logic completely.

The Maxx2837d ago ShowReplies(3)
Nathaniel_Drake2837d ago

No you are not being a fanboy you're right, obviously Microsoft knew this and had to release early. For entertainment enthusiasts the value of the PS3 far outweighs the 360. The price gap helped the 360 along with people ready to jump on to the next gen. A one on one fight is not what Microsoft wanted and needed the year gap to help in being known first as you see in almost everyday media when people talk about videogames its usually the 360, as last gen it was the PS2. Now that the price point is pretty much affordable for PS3 the value skyrockets as your are getting this gen technology all in one at a great price not to mention the hoards of games coming out consistently just because of the many first party studios Sony has.

Nicholas Cage2837d ago

The only reason
the xbox 360 is ahead of the ps3 is because of the one year gap and the smaller price point. If they had been released at the same time and at the same price PS3 would have been way ahead, im not being a fanboy im telling the truth!


8thnightvolley2837d ago

as much as one tries to deny its true if not for the one year head start.. ps3 would have been miles ahead.. well..both consoles are doing well.. and i have glad to have both..

nnotdead2837d ago

but thats not what happened, so it pretty pointless to say

tordavis2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

It was released the same week as the PS3 and right now is in the lead. Why didn't the PS3 pass the Wii?

According to my calculations, as of 2009, if the PS3 and Xbox 360 were released at the same time, PS3 would have been 4.5 million ahead of the 360. But that's if we use the data that we have. If the Xbox 360 came out a year later, there might not have been an RROD problem and Gears would have been a launch title. There are too many factors to consider.

Let's just enjoy this wonderful console generation.

waltercross2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

Different Market, Different price point, Different Tech.

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hoops2837d ago

100+ replies in this thread easy.
Break out the cracker's going to get hot in this place LOL