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TGH Writes:

"When ModNation Racers was announced everyone thought it was Sony’s answer to Mario Kart. In a way it can be considered as much, however when you factor in the customizability and personal nature that every person who plays will have a different take on their character within the game, it is so much more than that. Soon after the PSP version was announced and everyone was taken aback how quickly they were to announce a PSP version developed internally by San Diego Studios with help from United Front. So does the game live up to all the hype of the console iteration? Is it worth your hard earned bucks?"

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MightyMark4272989d ago

I really enjoyed ModNation Racers demo! Can't wait for the full game <3

FragGen2989d ago

This thing is sex in a box. I'm considering both the PS3 and PSP versions based on the PSP demo.