Bulletstorm trailer has secret date

Today the new gameplay trailer for Epic Games new title was released. Though this trailer has more in it than meets the eye...

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Double Toasted2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

Funny...not. Yeah thats a name of an attack. I think the game is set for March 2011...

Elimin82992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

Resistance meets Bioshock? on a weaker scale?

BubbleSystemSuck2992d ago

Gears of Wars on LCD, meet Scorpio "came here" in Yoshi Island

Chubear2992d ago

I find these comparable games people see in Bulletstorm quite hilarious. There are SOOOOOO many games mixed into this game. I can point out 7 or so games I can see in this game lol

I'm sorry but the game already looks like a decent gaming experience at best. Even the name screams generic

Alcon Caper2992d ago

july 4th = fireworks = i dunno probably a juggling kill combo

...not a release date

Bloodlyte2992d ago

4th of july is a day of celebration in the US, theyuse fireworks to celebrate, and this failing dutch site thought they had a scoop caus al the other sites figured that out.

Darkspade2992d ago

I hate Point system Shooters. I hope this is nothing like the Club system

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