Our Gaming Heritage

Critical Gamer writes: Do you remember your ancestry?

Chances are, if you are a modern day videogamer, you are 18-34 years old and a male. Judging by that demographic, many of us are 25 years or older. We might not have experienced games from the very beginning but we have a rich, storied heritage with both Nintendo and Sega at the very least.

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Cubes2989d ago

I remember playing Pong when I was a youngster, and marvelling at this new interactive entertainment. How things have changed!

scruffy_bear2989d ago

I remember the Nintendo, Sega fanboy war. Now that was a war, the internet wasing about so the war was play out in the playground and letter pages of games magazines.

Good Time :)

mjolliffe2989d ago

I remember those days. Brilliant :)

SA1NTofKILLERS2989d ago

The earliest console I can remember being in our home was the Atari. Single button with a joystick. Seems like another lifetime ago.

scruffy_bear2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

My first console that I own was a SNES and a copy of Super Mario World my life was never the same again :)

KrazyFace2989d ago

Nice thought provoker, I’m a retro freak to be honest. There’s something pleasing about looking at games from years ago and seeing how we needed more of an imagination to immerse ourselves in their worlds, but (for example) if I try to get my nephew into an older game, he just dosen’t want to know (I think they’re too hard for him) and why should he? If an old Clint Eastwood type came up to you with one of those Hoop & Stick thingies and asked you to have a go, would you even want to? I know it’s hard to admit it; but you and me are old timers now and the ‘yoof of 2day’ couldn’t care less that “In my day this were nowt but 8-Bits”

Nice article by the way, I love reading stuff like this.

Jim Crikey2989d ago

I'll always remember my first games machine, a NES with ninja turtles. Or 'hero' turtles, as the British censors had it at the time.