BulletStorm PS3 Interview: Me and CliffyB

Playstation Blog writes:
"Cliff Bleszinski is a not an easy man to find. When he’s not Tweeting away, he’s cooped up in Epic Games‘ Raleigh, NC-based studio working on his latest ultra-violent fascination.

This time that fascination is BulletStorm, an off-the-wall shooter spectacle that will grace the PS3 sometime in 2011. Cliff himself is a big fan of PS3 titles like Heavy Rain and the God of War series, and in our one-on-one interview for the PlayStation.Blog, he expressed excitement that BulletStorm will strut its stuff in front of PS3 players."

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Cajun Chicken2936d ago

He's a game designer for ONE series. WHY does Cliffy B have to be some kind of international face for the whole of Epic?

I'd rather hear someone real at Epic like Tim Sweeny or Mark Rein or some PCF staff talking about him.

Wait, do most you guys even KNOW those names? Tsk.

TheHater2936d ago

I would much rather have them interview someone at People Can Fly because they are the ones developing the game. Why is Cliffy B getting credit for a new IP that he isn't creating. If I was working at PCF, I would be pissed that this guy is getting all the attention for a game he is not creating.

palaeomerus2936d ago

I think a lot of the direct People Can Fly press involvement got stymied by the Iceland Volcano eruption that grounded a lot of transAtlantic flights.

Shaman2936d ago

Wasnt CliffyB designer for Unreal Tournament also?That and Gears...

I think why he answers the interviews is because he is closest to the game itself.He tries it 3 times a week and tells what to change or add.Even though i agree,it would be cool to see Tim or Rein on interviews,so they can also tell us a bit more about new tech and improvements in UE3,it looks quite good now.

BeaArthur2936d ago

I think it's always Cliffy B because he is "the face" of Epic. I mean like you said we only really know of Cliffy B so it makes sense that they march him out there every time they want to talk about a game because people recognize him. With that being said Cliffy B needs to spend less time worrying about Bulletstorm and more time worrying about Gears 3's multiplayer.

Double Toasted2936d ago

Don't be lazy "chicken" do some research. Cliff has paid his dues...don't be such a hater, lol.

Chubear2936d ago

lol, Epic is making sure people KNOW the game's not being developed by Epic themselves so if it doesn't do well people can say "NO NO NO, it was People can Fly game!!" lol

TheHater2936d ago

EPIC is the best yo. First it was Unreal, then Unreal tournament, then Gears of War, and now Bulletstorm.

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washingmachine2936d ago

hmmm looks interesting,im sure it will look great. he wouldnt to have a game with jaggies everywhere would he lol

KILLERAPP2936d ago

Heavy Rain awesome!!!!next year for bullet is going to be diferent and cool...


Finally innovating a shooter maybe?

SixTwoTwo2936d ago

That trailer was pretty cool. Its so strange to see Cliffy B on the PSBlog.


can't wait to buy bulletstorm. good job.