Dear Game Publishers: Hire an Economist


"By now you’ve probably already cleaned up the froth from your mouth regarding EA Sports mogul Peter Moore announcing the EA Online Pass. For those of you who missed the memo, starting next month, EA”s sports line-up is only free to play if you happen to buy a new retail copy of the game. Taking the company’s “Project Ten Dollar” formula to an new level, any renters or used-game buyers will have to shell out ten bones to take advantage of online play and as yet unnamed “additional bonus content”. Did you play Mass Effect 2? Cerberus Network for Madden, only the game’s playability is reduced by a third if you don’t color inside EA’s lines.

Okay, let me tell you where I’m coming from, here, so you get an idea of how I got to where I’m going."

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FantasyStar2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

Even though I've seen the breaking-even point dozens of time in my textbooks, it's funny to actually be looking at it now and laughing a bit. This is the best part in the article any gamer can understand.
"Secondly, if you’re upset that the number of gamers that would rather pay $50 for your game outnumbers the amount that would pay $60 for your game, LOWER THE EFFING PRICE! We all know that Booby [sic] Kotick and his “Bleed Gamers Dry” mentality is the stuff the Monopoly Guy’s wet dreams are made of, but as far as brand loyalty goes, Activision hasn’t done themselves any favors. Games like Katamari Damancy and Earth Defense Force 2017 became popular because they were good games that were willing to play with the pricing structure to appeal to an audience that probably wouldn’t give them a second look otherwise. It’s basic supply-and-demand economics--the highest profitability point is the point where the supply of manufactured goods and demand of lowest price intersect. If Gamestop’s walls is lined with 20 copies of Madden 10 two weeks after launch, your dumb ass either oversaturated the market or overpriced your supply."
But this EA Sports Pass affects more than used-game sales/users. IT affects new-game owners as well when you try to bring your game over to a friends for a spell. Unless you like dragging your own profile around and around, EA basically said to themselves "CD-Keys for Consoles isn't such a bad idea~!"

Any PC Gamers out there remember trying to move your Spore Activations when the servers were down? That was a headache. Putting aside the issue of used-games debate, what this does is add additional red-tape for us abiding buyers whom, last-gen, didn't have to put up with any of this Online DRM stuff.