President Obama's rant against iPads & Xboxes straight out of stone age

Wasn't it the new media ecology that empowered a generation to propel Obama into office? And weren't these tech tools key to that victory? Using the Internet, Obama was able to enlist a digital army of 13 million strong and mobilize them with the click of a mouse that sent messages to these tools. He used technology to push back on smears and was able to revolutionize campaign fund-raising forever, at one point pulling in more than $4 million via the Web in one day. (I suppose solicitations over iPads and iPhones for campaign donations don't count as one of these new media "pressures" when he's the one doing the pressuring.)

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unrealgamer582992d ago

I hate how everyone thinks obama Is infalible and to go against him Is taboo.

He can be just as wrong as anyone else

X_GAMER_X2992d ago

why dont you concentrate more about the world and the people in need your F*K
President of the strongest country in the world getting hes nose stucked in videogames instead of helping real ppl in need. wasting time in speaches about video games idiot f*k.