Destructoid: Bulletstorm is the 'Burnout of shooters'

Destructoid: First-person shooters are saturating the market. As a fan of the genre, I take no issue with that fact. Every new FPS tries to be more s erious and epic than the last, as they all vie to be the next Hollywood-like blockbuster. But whatever happened to FPS games that were just about having stupid fun?

That's what People Can Fly's Bulletstorm wants to bring back. "Bulletstorm puts the fun back into the first-person shooter," said Cliff Bleszinski at a recent press event showing off the game. "Not that other FPS games aren’t fun. What I mean by this is that the game doesn’t take itself too seriously. It has all sorts of explosive carnage and mayhem, but does it with a little bit of a wink, a smile and a nod, and its kind of pulpy roots."

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hamoor2840d ago

why? did you try it??
though am not holding my breath for this game but i will give it its fair shot and wait for some more videos of gameplay or probably a demo for the game THEN judge it

MysticStrummer2840d ago

That first line should say "have saturated". There are already too many mindless FPSs around. Unfortunately it's what the masses want. I'm not one of them.

Jdoki2840d ago

That's a big claim... The Burnout series is a masterpiece to me! So Bulletstorm has a lot to live up to be the FPS equivalent.

I hope it does.