Why Bungie should make Modern Warfare 3

Bungie and Activision are bosom buddies - and it's not as if the publisher doesn't have the money and power to (a) Increase Bungie's headcount so it can work on two projects and (b) Change the Washington-based firm's mentality of concentrating solely on one IP.

There are plenty of reasons it makes sense...

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Silver3602903d ago

Puts Bungie right back in the same situation they just left with MS. Working on an IP they don't own. This guy needs to get it through his head developers are tired of being short changed and want in on the profits their original ideas create. And Bungie does not work for Activision They have a publishing deal.

Gamerbee2903d ago

This is the worst article Ive ever seen. Bungie is sooooo overrated. Halo is miles behind the pack in graphics & dame design. Look at all the levels. Dont make me laugh. Level MW3 to the pros.

AAACE52903d ago

I lost interest in the Halo franchise after the first one. I was hoping Reach would get me back into it, but unfortunately, to me it still feels the same. On that note, I don't think Bungie should create a CoD game.

I know alot of people still like Halo and respect Bungie, but i'm starting to wonder if they are now like RARE and have passed their prime! But then again, they could just need to do something totally different!

ThanatosDMC2903d ago

They shouldnt. They cant even make Halo look as great as MW1 let alone MW2.

Tony P2903d ago

First comment is spot on.

All this other chaff comparing Halo to MW... I can't really sum up how ignorant that is. Like those guys who seriously thought SE's acquisition of Eidos meant the next Tomb Raider would be a JRPG.

Being famous for something doesn't mean that's the only thing you can make.

Mista T2903d ago

too bad they both have equal graphics

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unrealgamer582903d ago

lol marines jumping 20 feet and rainbow colored camouflage

trounbyfire2903d ago

you should stop writing and just play games

darkgunner2903d ago

They should work on a new IP, not waste their talent on yet another CoD game.

BeaArthur2903d ago

Agreed. They've made it very clear they don't want to do anymore Halo games so why would they then go to Activision and start churning out CoD games which have already been milked to death anyways. They would be right back where they started. Just give Treyarch the engine that IW used and let them take over the CoD franchise exclusively.

Colonel-Killzone2903d ago

Are you serious ? The last thing COD needs is bungie. IF they were to work on Call of duty they need to do something IW failed to do listen to the community.

HarryM2903d ago

Infinity Ward make a few mistakes on the game. Have you tried Multiplayer yet?

claterz2903d ago

IW listened to the community, they just listened to the wrong half of the community lol. they listened to the noobs asking them to keep grenade launchers and add stupid perks.

SixZeroFour2903d ago

agreed...besides the glitches, mw2's multiplayer was still fairly "broken" gameplay-wise, its all cause of the new game breaking killstreaks and perks that they added

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The story is too old to be commented.