Second Modern Warfare 2 map pack out June 3

Activision has announced a June 3 release date for the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Resurgence Pack, the second multiplayer map pack for the blockbuster first-person shooter from Infinity Ward.

As was the case with the Stimulus Package, Resurgence Pack will be available first on Xbox 360 and will feature five maps.

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Claudinho692717d ago

wtf way too soon good thing everyone in my clan is sharing their dlc......gotta stick it to the man

NothingToGainButLove2717d ago

The price for COD MW2 map packs is pretty high and the game has been glitchy for so long. If someone I know buys it, I'll get it from them... my $60 hasn't been justified yet

BenCrazy4242717d ago

At Claudinho69,

Same here, I'm not paying $15 for 5 maps. I payed that for a whole game on psn (battlefield 1943). Got to love the share system on the psn!

BiggCMan2716d ago

im just so f_cking tired of maps all together.

X-DominusRebellis-X2716d ago

So if I bought the game for $75 ($69.99 plus tax) and buy both map packs, I'll be in it for $105?!? Hahaha there is no way in hell that anyone can justify that $$$ much for Modern Warfail 2. I remember Lunar Silver Star Story costing me that much, and I still play the game 10 years later!

Corepred42716d ago

yeah i bought the stimulus package and shared it with my cousins. this time around they'll buy it and share it with me. sharing is great. lot of people complain but mw2 is a game i play almost everyday and so do a lot of other people that just won't admit it. believe it or not mw2 bring me fun. especially now that there are no hacks, well on ps3 anyway i don't know about the 360 version.

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coolcut1352717d ago

All ready ??
how do u even have time to release it so fast ..... oh wait you guys r goin to give rehashed maps again, rite i understand

Brewski0072717d ago

Yeah probably 3 new maps and two "classics" or something like that. I cannot see them giving us 5 new map. no chance.

StanLee2717d ago

I think Vacant is one of the rehashed maps. I saw something a while back about it.

Brewski0072716d ago

I wouldnt mind seeing vacant and bloc if im honest , both good maps which i'd like to play with the MW2 game. As for the new three i'd hope they're better than the previous ones. Only likes bailout.

Hotel_Moscow2716d ago

yep 5 rehashed maps activision learned it will sell regardless

Dorfdad2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

They had this ready a while back why so soon I dunno but i suspect its to combat the surging BattleField 2 Fanbase, plus milk MW2 before the entire ship sinks from the mis-handling of IW..

Will still sell millions of copies so it's inevitable.

Colonel-Killzone2717d ago

Another 15 dollar ripoff map pack that idiots will buy lol.

DirtyLary2717d ago

So how are you enjoying that map pack?

Colonel-Killzone2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

I did not buy it and your not funny. I know people who bought it who was highly disappointed but judging from your reply I'm assuming your one of the fools that bought it ^_^.

DiLeCtioN2717d ago

good: devs add new things to refresh the game

bad: ask for too much money, could have been added on the disc. oh did i mention too much money...

BeaArthur2717d ago

Will it come with more care packages?

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The story is too old to be commented.